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  1. Skye
    Sat May 01, 2010 6:11 am
    Message by Skye - Regarding the people quitting
    Please listen to our side of the argument as well, as it seems like you've only heard from Mae/Jose and the few spiteful people here.

    I'm actually friends with both of them atm, so.. yeah.

    Jose is a pretty nice guy all around; but has moments when he's becomes a depressing ball of gloom and.. takes it out on us/the forum; and Mae is passive aggressive. Not a bad thing in particular, but some times she goes a little/lot overboard and starts making it painfully obvious about who she doesn't like and that she wants attention, how much she thinks Anaka is under-appreciated, etc. It was the forum's vote as a whole to ban them.

    I could quote some things that she's said however I don't really like this topic that much. I just hope that you can understand what went on here. ^^



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