Paradichlorobenzene - KANNA


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    Paradichlorobenzene - KANNA

    Post by xMienaiTsubasa on Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:00 am

    Please say I spelled that right XD


    LOL unattractive video is unattractive. Windows Movie Maker FAILS, lol.
    I didn't know what kind of art to draw for this (and I'm lazy) so I just didn't draw any.

    It's another demo song for Kanna. Her voice doesn't suit this well, I think, but I wanted to see how she sounded singing a fast song. I really like how understandable she is x3

    Uhm so most of Kanna's otos are done now, I just need to finish them off and then make her concept art and she can be released~ So her next video will probably be her release video.

    UST from (I think)
    It was in three parts, for a trio, but I didn't have three working triphonic UTAU to make a trio (well I did, but I didn't feel like changing all the rs in the song to ls for Anaka) so I just made a solo for Kanna.

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