Mrs Pumpkin no Kokkeina Yume - Yumi Kyoku [ゆみ きょく]


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    Mrs Pumpkin no Kokkeina Yume - Yumi Kyoku [ゆみ きょく]

    Post by katharina0595 on Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:58 am

    Youtube description:
    okey i spent alot of time to make this difficult song! XD


    but i luv this song so much and i thought: well in some months it's halloween again, so why not! XD

    (although i don't celebrate halloween)

    the girl (I guess it's Miku with orange hair) in the video looks a little bit like Yumi O_o but it's only my opinion!
    anyway i hope yumi sings the song good! XD

    enjoy! x3

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