Amaya Anka - The vampire hated by humans


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    Amaya Anka - The vampire hated by humans Empty Amaya Anka - The vampire hated by humans

    Post by KanashiiNoNeko on Thu May 13, 2010 9:42 pm

    Because I needed to change a LOT of things, so I just redid it xD

    Name: 暗歌アマヤ
    Voicer: KanashiiNoNeko
    UTAU Project/Group: UTAU? xD
    WIP or Complete? WIP (enough sounds to be complete, thought xD)
    Age and/or Debut Date: 1026, looks like 15
    Height: 1.59cm
    Weight: 91 lbs
    Character Item: Apples
    Relationships: says it all, Emiko Yasashiikoe (friend), Lullaby Yuju (friend)
    Brief Physical Description:Has long black hairs and red eyes, with little purple'ish wings in her back
    Personality: A bit of a shy girl, not the kind of person that gets angry easily, but when she gets angry, well...better beware. Even thought she is hated by almost everyone, she doesn't hate anybody.
    History/Backstory: For some reasons, everyone just got hating her when she was 8, and she's supposed to be dead, but was even kicked out of hell by the devil, just because he/she/it/both/none hated her... ((but she isn't a mean person at all!))

    Voicebank Link: N/A ._. incomplete yet xD
    Wikia Entry Link: N/A

    Voice Samples: None with her new act yet =D
    Character Art:
    Amaya Anka - The vampire hated by humans Anka_Amaya_by_Kuroi_no_neko

    I know it's bad!
    The clothes' coloring are just like that, "Windows Vista window" style coloring =3

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