dance and be groovy!


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    dance and be groovy! Empty dance and be groovy!

    Post by Nanashi_Zokune on Tue May 18, 2010 8:37 am

    koharurei and sora at their anime con XD
    it makes me want to go to a anime con even more just to see stuff like this X3

    songs used in the video are:

    Hana Maru Sensation- Kodomo No Jikan
    Cutie Honey
    Kimagure Princess- Morning Musume
    Kero9destiny- Touhou
    Cirno's Perfect Math Class-Touhou
    Renai Circulation-Bakemonogatari
    No Life queen- Touhou
    Popipo- Vocaloid
    Ievan Polkka: Miku, Luka, Rin and Neru version
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