"File Format Error"


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    "File Format Error" Empty "File Format Error"

    Post by Misha on Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:40 am

    Oh what the hell!

    So I've finally finished converting NANA PETITE's VB from .aiff files to .wav
    Took FOREVER.
    But when I go to make FRQ files, it says its a 'file format error,' and doesn't make the FRQ.
    Did I convert them wrong?
    I'm planning on going back and converting them to .wav on my mac, then sending then to my PC. I'll see how that goes, but in the meantime;

    Any help on this?

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    "File Format Error" Empty Re: "File Format Error"

    Post by yesi-chan on Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:50 am

    This is probably because the program you used to convert the files to .wav doesn't use the right encoding (I think it should be something with PCM I'm not sure). Try checking if you can change the encoding type it uses if not try using a different program. Also make sure you are saving in 16-bit mono and not 32-bit stereo.

    This happened to me with Camila's earlier voicebanks. They used to work fine but when UTAU 2.43 came out they had changed that so it wouldn't accept the wav files I had recorded using Power Sound Editor Free so I had to convert all of them with Audacity. If you find that you need to re-record everything I suggest you try using OREMO, it's really easy to use and you can save all the files instantly (I've used it twice and I even recorded a full vociebank in 30 mins with it xD)

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