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    Story: An OtakuNinjaLoid Empty Story: An OtakuNinjaLoid

    Post by Kuri_Rice on Thu May 20, 2010 1:14 pm

    Name: Story
    Voicer: Kuri Rice (me)
    UTAU Project/Group: OtakuNinjaLoids
    WIP or Complete? Everything is complete but kanji.
    Age and/or Debut Date: In human years, it is unknown. In demon years, she's 16.
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 115lb
    Character Item:
    Relationships: Ichiro (Boyfriend)

    Brief Physical Description: She has long light pink hair. She has a fox tail, ears, and whiskers. Her eyes are a golden orange color. When she's human she has long blond hair with beautiful brown eyes.
    Personality: She's headstrong and determined. She's confident during the day, but at night when she turns human she's an emotional mess. She's afraid of everything. She loves to eat and loves singing. She's clumsy and very dense.
    History/Backstory: Story was born a half-demon. Her father is a great Fox Demon who is evil to the core. Her mother is a beautiful human. She lived with her mother in peace until one day she wakes up and her mother is gone. Story realizes that her father must have taken her and sets out to find her mother. There along the way she meets the rest of the OtakuNinjaLoids, like Ichiro. ((This is a MMD series on youtube. If you want more of the story, check it out. ^.^ My user on youtube is MusicalXSnowxbunny.))

    Voicebank Link: 0W9LBOV9
    Wikia Entry Link: None yet

    Voice Samples: This is her and Ichiro singing Last Night/Good Night. Ichiro is WIP, but will be up for download soon. Story is the higher pitched singer in the video.

    Character Art: She doesn't have a drawing yet. I did make her a MMD model. Story: An OtakuNinjaLoid New_ah10
    Also, RB from created Story and Ichiro's Otos for me. ^.^

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