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    Special Lullaby Cover Empty Special Lullaby Cover

    Post by 어리싸 라커씨(EorissaRakeo-ssi) on Sat May 22, 2010 4:54 am

    I made lulu since a luka song called Akahitoha(One Crimson Leaf)

    Id love a simple art cover for this. But lulu any hair style(keeping the length) and any type of kimono with leaves falling around her or a leaf in her hand. you have free range with the way she looks and poses. if it has a background or not. as long as a leaves are in it.

    Here is the song

    this is the only cover im asking for now. I do want some duet songs done but im going to find something to do with it using photoshop or having my sister pixel art or something...

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