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    Overseas Hitobashira Alice Remake!

    산쇼씨 (Sansyo-ssi)
    산쇼씨 (Sansyo-ssi)

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    Overseas Hitobashira Alice Remake! Empty Overseas Hitobashira Alice Remake!

    Post by 산쇼씨 (Sansyo-ssi) Sun May 23, 2010 3:06 am


    ...Remember this from waaay back when? .u.
    And remember how awesome we thought it was?
    (Actually, I still think it's awesome, Shou kinda got noticed partly because of it, ahaha *v*)

    I think now, while the PV is awesome, compared to how much you can get UTAU to sound now, the singing could be better. C':

    So, I'm working on a recover of the song with the same UTAU used in the old one.

    All I just really need is someone who wants to draw a couple of pictures for a PV, or someone who can download the old PV, and put new music to it. (Which do you guys think would be better..?)

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    Overseas Hitobashira Alice Remake! Empty Re: Overseas Hitobashira Alice Remake!

    Post by suthethird Sun May 23, 2010 10:54 am

    DL old PV and put the music to it.
    It's not hard, but since I don't really care about the project, I'm not gunna do it.

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