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    something about a dream?...


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    something about a dream?... Empty something about a dream?...

    Post by Nanashi_Zokune Sun May 30, 2010 1:33 pm


    Looking out beyond the horizon there is a forest.
    the trees bleed for longing and the paths are made of bones, no one knows where they come from, so people wander in but never come out. The rumors say the trees take hold of you and rip your flesh away, while the ravens pull out your eyes, and the bones under foot drag you under. I myself didn't believe such rumors so i ventured forth into them.

    The forest

    I went in highly defensive to all that surround me and fighting my way through. The next thing i knew clouds loomed over head and it began to rain and it hurt; it was acid rain! but, somehow it did not effect the trees. So, i rushed under one and that's when i fell into the trap. A raven stared me in the eyes as the trees gripped me tighter, their weeping faces began to look sinister and with in the blink of an eye! everything went black...

    The deep sea of fear/The illusionary room

    When i awoke, i was under the forest, under water...
    I couldn't breath, i was surrounded by unknown sea creatures. All you could make out where their large sharp teeth and i could feel my life drifting the longer i held my breath, so i tried pounding the ceiling with everything bit of strength i had. Then it happened..
    Suddenly everything went dark again and i was in my own room watching myself struggle and scream.
    I could feel, sense and touch everything as if it all was real. Everything exactly where it was when i saw my room right before i fell asleep. Something spoke to me i a deathly voice about something and i was shoved back into my body.

    The island/My shadow? your shadow?

    I soon found myself on the beach, somewhere very relaxing. I found this odd because i don't like the ocean; i'm terrified of it. But there was soemthing about this place that was familiar...
    Once i realized that, i began to question things as to why i was here and i began to feel full of hatred and discontent for where i was. I had no way off this island and there's only one place to go: the house up on the hills. I had no choice. But i had to see him, the shadow that looms behind me, the one who hides my thoughts and memories. So i trekked through the jungle and up the hills to make it to this pure white house. I knew i had to be quick, because even for a place so bright, the shadows are fast and strong.
    I busted down the doors and ran in rambo style did whatever i could to make it into the main lobby of this giant house. They were all around me and keeping up with me but for some strange reason, weren't attacking me. And then he showed up (=.=). He just stood there staring at me, not doing anything. He smirked and showed me my family behind him tied up and badly injured.
    I felt rage. I knew right then, this whole thing was his doing, all these fears i passed through to get to here. I wanted to kill the shadow.
    I became so engulfed in my rage, i attacked everything in sight. Every shadow fell before my feet and the only one left was him. I ran him through with the closest object i could find and when shadow faded i felt the nightmare was finally over but..

    try for true end

    I saw that my family wasn't around and everything in that room disappeared leaving only a mirror. I looked in the mirror and noticed i was wounded and i collapsed to my knees. The pain was unbearable. I kept screaming out but no one could hear me. Just lying there... watching myself die as the pool of blood around me gets larger.
    i couldn't help think that, during this whole time it was all my fault. I caused all this and destroyed myself.

    "I guess i lack proper maturity. So much so i can't help anyone, not even myself... I'm dying here with no one to remember me by and all those moments i tried to preserve are gone.." I said that as i stared into my own eyes from the other side of the mirror as i drifted away.

    And that's when i woke up.

    P.S. this is all one dream, i can get some weird messed up dreams and most of the time i never remember them(this is one of those rare occasions).
    i'm keeping this one kinda dumbed down for personal reasons. i could get graphic but, i don't feel like it ;>.> so i leave a bit of those out.

    and don't forget this was a dream so there will be random skips!

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