Bonnie & Clyde Sotone

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    Bonnie & Clyde Sotone Empty Bonnie & Clyde Sotone

    Post by Orochi Herman on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:49 pm

    Name: Bonnie Sotone (外音ボニー Sotone Bonii)
    Voicer: Nauko Oblivion
    UTAU Project/Group: POLYGLOID
    WIP or Complete? ALPHA/WIP
    Gender: FEMALE
    Age and/or Debut Date: 14 - June 4, 2010
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Character Item: Ichigo Gyunyu~
    Clyde Sotone - Twin Brother
    Brief Physical Description: Short and scheming.
    Personality: Catlike. Annoying.
    History/Backstory: Younger twin siblings of Riza Sotone.
    Voicebank Link: file/mz3mdvjz2nf/ug-01f-alpha.7z
    Wikia Entry Link:

    Voice Samples None.

    Character Art See wikia entry.

    BEWARE: Extremely alpha voicebank. Unrefined, no oto.inis.

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