Siana Shion: The Wannabe Kuudere


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    Siana Shion: The Wannabe Kuudere Empty Siana Shion: The Wannabe Kuudere

    Post by MariRoseTair on Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:35 am

    Name: Siana Shion
    Voicer: Mari Rose Tair
    UTAU Project/Group: Constructloid
    WIP or Complete? WIP, Otos need done.
    Gender: Female
    Age and/or Debut Date: 21
    Height:5'3" (160 cm)
    Weight: Unknown
    Character Item: Ornate Teacup
    Simon Shion: Genderbent/Younger brother
    Small Shion: Loliform/ yongest sibling
    Colt Kaine: Friend
    BLYTHE Anaka: Friend
    Aline Enbukyoku: Friend, Former Crush
    Seika Kiyoshi: Friend/Current Crush

    Brief Physical Description:
    Short, Curvy Redhead, with green eyes. Her skin is pale and she always has a pale green forehead gem (That contains her soul) on her well.. forehead.
    She likes wearing clothing madein Blacks or whites.

    A klutzy yet mature young woman who enjoys singing, cooking and preseving nature. Tries to be a kuudere, but often fails.

    Once upon a time there was a young Fanatasy deweller.
    Her home country got the magical equlvent of a nue thrown at it so she moved,
    Then one day Some sicentists tought it'd be lulzy to take the souls of fnatasy heroes and pull them into this world.

    Siana was one of those "heroes" along with her siblings.

    Ther was much freaking out but now she's settled and lives with Colt Kaine and his sister because Simon was lame and blew up their house accidently.

    Voicebank ?hu5mitnemhz (Warning her otos are messed up)
    Wikia Entry Link:
    Voice Samples

    Character Art
    Siana Shion: The Wannabe Kuudere Sianaact2

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