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    Still Alive (Anvilicious Green Aesop vers.) - Parody


    Still Alive (Anvilicious Green Aesop vers.) - Parody Empty Still Alive (Anvilicious Green Aesop vers.) - Parody

    Post by Guest Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:06 am

    ChrystalClear and I had this chemistry project - to describe three ways to lessen the carbon footprint. So our thoughts on this: "Why not parody Portal?"

    So we did.

    The lyrics are intentionally over-the-top.

    I'm the first one singing. Now you know why Hana sounds like a boy! I sound like a boy!

    My mic is very bad, but Chrys's is worse ^^

    Oh yeah, and the one with brown curly hair is me (the straight hair is Chrys). I'm a curly-haired Asian. It's very rare, but it did happen in my case.

    Chrys is worried I look too Mexican. ^^

    I did the writing, Chrys did the art. If the jokes are unfunny, that's my fault...

    Should I put this on Nico? I know they'd like something strange like this, even if it's in English.

    WATCH IN HD. It will be much funnier that way. Add &fmt=22.

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