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    Subarashii Niji


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    Subarashii Niji Empty Subarashii Niji

    Post by numbarr3 Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:25 am

    Name: Subarashii Niji (虹素晴らしい)
    Voicer: numbarr3's cousin
    UTAU Project/Group: None
    WIP or Complete? Complete
    Gender: Female
    Age and/or Debut Date: 13
    Height: 4'8" (146 cm)
    Weight: 91 Ibs.
    Character Item: Black Whip
    Kohana Niji/ twin sister
    Kaisa/ cousin

    Brief Physical Description:
    Hair color: Pink
    Headgear: White with black
    Eye color: Purple
    Earphones: White
    Dress: Light pink collar shirt with a white undershirt, gray trimmings, and black tie, pink and gray belt, and black, black shirt with gray trimmings, pink over the knee socks and black and pink biker boots. Wears a black with pink buckled choker, and her hairstyle is in a ponytail tied with a black bow.

    Subarashii is the same but different from her twin, Kohana. She can be very cute and innocent although sometimes short tempered. She tends to whip things for no reason. Although Subarashii & Kohana look alike, they have different taste in styles of clothing.

    Voicebank Link:

    Wikia Entry Link:

    Voice Samples

    (messed up in timing Dx )

    Character Art
    Subarashii Niji Full_outfit

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