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    LunaxLen Magnet WIP


    LunaxLen Magnet WIP Empty LunaxLen Magnet WIP

    Post by Guest Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:09 pm

    Dohohoho. Vio, you inspired me to make this. c': Also, this means I can get Luna's halfofLunaxKaren magnet done xD
    I was just bored, sooooo... here's my sketch that I threw together at like 3 in the morning... it's my FIRST tablet work... since I lost my tablet like... months ago... and just found it 8'D
    Critiques are ENCOURAGED! Dx
    I hate the arms and hands. I'm gonna KEEL them when I do lineart.
    Linearts is done. If anyone wants to donate colour to these two, be my guest xD
    FINAL: (colouring by Orangesage, edited by me, and touchups done by Doki-Toki)

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