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    death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10 |D


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    death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10  |D - Page 2 Empty Re: death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10 |D

    Post by LupinAKAFlashTH2 Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:52 pm

    scarfu wrote:Hmm...

    Well at this point it's really kind of difficult to add like, more characters to the story, because for this mystery, I'm following the Decalogue of Knox , which are kind of like the rules for a true mystery?

    Umineko fans who have read EP5 will totally know what I'm talking about. XDDD

    And so it's kind of against the rules to bring characters into the story that we aren't all duly prepared for...

    I'm thinking I might drop this mindset though, because there appears to be a lot of characters who want to be involved that I didn't get to add...

    It's hard, because as a mystery writer, I really want to be able to write a mystery with these rules, but at the same time I want to include everyone... =w=;;

    I wasn't planning on doing it originally, but maybe I could take an Umineko/Higurashi approach and have the timewarp/kakera theme?

    So torn, what do I do... ;x;

    It'd be cool if you did, but you don't have to! XD;

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    death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10  |D - Page 2 Empty Re: death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10 |D

    Post by scarfu Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:53 pm


    I will think of something! ;u;

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    death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10  |D - Page 2 Empty Re: death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10 |D

    Post by Sugarsheba Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:12 pm

    scarfu wrote:
    @Sugar: I am SO sorry I didn't see your post until now. XD;;

    And thank you so much! ;A; It's really encouraging to hear that! ;w;

    I want to write mystery series' later in my life (preferably in the visual novel format, but who knows how it'll turn out =w=), so I'm glad to see I'm doing well. =w=

    Thanks, I haven't really ever seen a good murder mystery online until I decided to check this out.

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    death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10  |D - Page 2 Empty Re: death from stupefaction || UTAU Murder Mystery/Gorefest '10 |D

    Post by scarfu Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:09 am

    dA dA dA~

    Alright guys, I'm not gonna lie at ALL -- this chapter is probably the worst one I've written the entire time doing this. XD The timing is REALLY weird, some things may seem illogical (for now at least >A>) and it's pretty short, so just pull through -- this chapter contains details that are pretty important info for later. =w= I'm just glad that this chapter is finally OVER with, because the next two that are coming up are a few of the ones I'm really looking forward to writing... eue<

    No chapter art this time cuz I didn't want to hunt to find anybody to do it and I'm too lazy to do it myself -- I just wanna release it already. =u=;; Will add later if I get some/do some~ =w=b

    So, who's left now?

    Kanbine Hayari
    Kirine Tsubaki
    Kamene Kasui
    Mathieu Rosaire
    Yoshiki Roku
    Hayasu Gill
    Kikyuune Aiko
    Hachi Makune
    Mokkene Karen
    Iiki Koe
    Uchiiori Yamato
    Aline Enbukyoku
    Yonagine Kazuko
    Ganari Tateru
    Yue Nagareboshi

    Well, so much for that lovely dinner that our cooking trio had worked so hard on for us! I can't blame anyone for losing their appetite though -- that was a pretty foul way to go. No use on dwelling on the past -- bye Ichiro-kun~ You died so morbidly, and in front of your friends, no less! You know, that on it's own is pretty rude, but you never even left a clear message as to whether you were actually killed or not... Creating a more complex mystery, what a brat you are, ihihihihihi!

    Slowly, a sleepy, napping head was lifted at the feeling of a soft shake to her shoulders -- having been lulled into a comatose state by the rhythmical pattern of the falling raindrops, both her head and eyelids were heavy. From the den's small, maroon couch, Makune Hachi lifted her body into a sitting position, recognizing three standing figures with the room's poor lighting. "A-Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pass out..." Initially, the girl had been expecting some sort of scolding for running off without any notice of her whereabouts, but as she caught the solemn looks on all of their faces, her heart sank immediately, automatically aware of what news was to follow. The funny thing about that sinking feeling was that even though it had warned her of the motherly blonde's words, hearing them spoken aloud was still something that had caused a rise of both shock and disbelief within the girl's heart. She glanced at Kazuko, and then at Mathieu, who had come along due to his close relationship with the deceased, along with Aiko, who was forced along by the green-haired male who demanded that she was never to leave his sight -- and finally, the words rang clearly through the blonde child's head.

    "Ichiro... is dead."

    Both the rugged yakuza cook and the flamboyantly French chef had their offers to salvage what they could of the meal splattered across the floor, but the decision that all appetites had been lost was one that was unanimous. Along with the lost appetites, however, came the loss of the last strand of warmth amongst the mansion walls -- the friendly bouts of chitchat that had once echoed down the long, tiled corridors were now absent, nothing but a cold silence lacing the air. Finally, the 18 remaining were beginning to understand the situation entirely -- that amongst them... there was a murderer who... didn't intend on stopping anytime soon. Foolishly, they had all accepted Ichiro as the murderer, and once he had been locked up, a naive feeling of safety had been cast over them all, in a fashion similar to a security blanket. However, upon witnessing the body struggle, upon witnessing death, said security blanket had been left in a state much similar to the corpse -- torn in two.

    The events preceeding the catastrophe had occurred so quickly that the emerald-tressed princess had to recollect her thoughts in silence, her gray-skinned friend sitting across from her with a worried smile.

    In a matter of seconds following Roku's appearance, screams and claims had overflowed within Kinpa's kitchen, all resulting in one general mindset -- the Japanese UTAU... were the murderers.

    "I knew it, I knew it!!" Kazuko had screeched, picking herself up from the floor and stepping far from the mess she had left there. "How could we have accused Ichiro-san -- he had more of an allibi than that Uchiiori guy!!! They're all working together, they're trying to kill us so we won't end up being competition!!"

    Aiko was quick to accept this as truth, her face buried within her hands once more. "Th... They're going to kill us all...!!"

    Amongst the screams, glares and angry chattering, Roku's gaze grew fearful, and momentarily, he glanced at the friends who he had come along with, all seeming just as confused as he was. Gill immediately took a few steps forward, waving his arm in front of his body and a glare, one that was very uncharacteristic amongst his mundane stoic expressions, was shot in the direction of the accusers. "Roku didn't kill anybo-- why would he have even needed to kill Makune-san!?! Stop rushing to conclusions and try to think about this logically!!! Makune-san was being held and questioned -- he could have been trying to escape!! He could have jumped!!"

    "Of course YOU'd be sayin' somethin' like that!" Kasui appeared to be just as certain as the others in this case -- it would have made more sense for the damn foreigners to be behind it -- and if he hadn't been so caught up in the moment, perhaps he would have felt just a bit guilty for the state that Ichiro had been found in; however, for now, his prime concern was handling their new suspects in a manner that would protect the rest of the mansion's inhabitants. He took a step forward, grabbing a hold of the blue-haired male's arms and twisting them behind his back -- naturally, Gill struggled quite a bit, screaming his logical explanations and defenses for his friend over the rest of the uproar. Roku, who knew he'd be next, felt his body lock up when his own arms were pinned behind him, and immediately, Tsubaki shrieked, pounding on Kasui's back with her fists.

    "What the hell are you doing!?!! Gill-sama, Roku-sama, they didn't kill anybody!!! Tell them, Hayari-chan!!"

    Hayari's smile was replaced with a sincere curious glance. "What's kill nano da...?"

    Shaking her head, the princess wannabe felt tears gather at the corners of her eyes. "Let them go, let them go right now!!!"

    Kasui, however, had no intentions of doing such a thing, and as a gentler, though much stronger Yue pulled Tsubaki away and held her by her shoulders, she couldn't help but to feel hurt. "S-Stop it!! Ichiro was the murderer, he was trying to run away!!!"

    "If Ichiro was the real murderer, ya shouldn't have any problem with us lockin' them up!!!"

    And then... silence. Nothing more.

    "Tsubahime, when is Roku-kun coming back nano da?" The mannequin asked with a smile, feeling that the silence was created by her friend's lack of anything to say. The scene that had played before them earlier... Hayari didn't understand any of it, and thus, she was unaffected. Tsubaki could only glance over at the girl's bright expression, slightly irritated by naivety for once, before releasing a soft sigh and crossing her arms. "The others, they all think... Roku-sama, Gill-sama, Ganari-san, Uchiiori-san... they think they did that to Ichiro...!"

    Again, the mannequin smiled brightly, her head tilting sideways. "Uu, what happened to Ichiro-san nano da?"

    "Hayari-chan, you saw! You were right there!" She felt her voice raise a little, but was quick to shake it off and try her best to remain indifferent with the girl -- the two had been friends for a long time, and Tsubaki had already known that the concept of death was one that the mannequin just simply couldn't wrap her mind around... Thus, it was no surprise that, even in witnessing the horrific death of the blue-haired Makune, the girl just didn't, and wouldn't, comprehend. What was difficult for Tsubaki, however, was being understanding of her friend's inability to understand.

    "Uuuu..." The girl's gray eyes were still locked onto the green-haired girl's troubled features, her hands brought up to her face with a pout of determination. However, this pout quickly faded into her clueless beam once more, her very hardest attempts at analyzing the situation doing virtually nothing for her, and she nodded. "When Ichiro-san comes back, will they let Roku-kun come downstairs nano da?"

    "Ichiro..." ... wasn't coming back. The words had played out in her head, but Tsubaki couldn't bring herself to say them, her voice lingering with his name. Partially, this had been due to Tsubaki's irritation with the mannequin, though a good portion of it was due to the genuine difficulty of stating it. While she and the Makune hadn't been anything closer than mere acquaintances, Tsubaki had always felt some sort of connection to the male (likely due to her bias inclined towards all blue-haired men), and thus, it was incredibly hard to accept losing him, especially to a fate as cruel as the one he met with. What was further plaguing the mind of the little princess, however, was that the others had so quickly suspected her friends, especially Gill, of murder, without any sort of proof! Of course, Roku's timing had been just way too suspicious, and that Uchiiori guy hadn't given any information on where he had been before the blackout... But how did that make Gill guilty!?

    Her dejected look became somewhat of a pout -- really, how irritating of all of them! Especially that stupid Kasui, who had grabbed Gill so roughly...! It really irked the green-haired femme, and while she had been growing tired of the mannequin girl's antics before... suddenly, she felt a bit relieved that she was as clueless as she was. Along with a slightly mischievous plan, a hidden smile began to formulate. "Oh, Hayari-chan, how about I just go get Roku-sama for you now? I'm sure the others won't mind!"

    "Uuu! Really, no da!? I wanna come too, uu!!" Hayari had began to cheer loudly, bursting up from where she sat, and immediately, Tsubaki's face looked slightly panicked as she sat the girl down again. "Y-Yes, but it'll only take a minute Hayari-chan~~ Just stay down here and wait, okay! Oh, and don't tell anybody~"

    "Uu, why not no da...?" Hayari blinked a few times, her smile unfazed.

    "Uhhh," Faltering, Tsubaki placed a hand on her hip, but quickly, she smiled, shaking her head as if the answer was obvious. "Because... because you, me, Roku-kun and Gill-san are going to make dessert for everybody! It'll ruin the surprise, silly!"

    "Uuu, uuu!!" The mannequin wiggled noticeably, her eyes brightening. "Can we make pineapple cheesecake no da!?!"

    "Of course, of course! I don't think Roku-sama would have it any other way~" Without fail, the excuse she had come up with on the spot had been more than enough to silence the pink-haired ditz. Turning slightly, she waved a bit at the girl, grinning. "You stay right there, okay? I'll only be a minute~"

    A lie that would only beget more lies.

    As Tsubaki twisted her way out of everybody's view, in the second floor's library, a few of the remaining eighteen were gathered, and through the cracked door, their hushed voices could be heard.

    "... I guess we've gotta start takin' things a little more seriously around here."

    "We should have taken it seriously to begin with -- people have been killed here, Kasui-san."

    Kasui had been entirely expecting a bit of hostility in his general direction, and thus, he bit his tongue, refraining from going off at the blue-haired femme, who had, momentarily, gotten over her own initial sense of fear for the sake of the empty-eyed blonde child lying on her lap. A part of the gangster had half expected the green-haired male to try and keep the peace, but was not shocked by his silence, either -- Kasui knew that Ichiro's death was one that would be hung above his head for quite awhile, and what only worsened the situation was that he didn't seem to reveal even a strand of regret or remorse. No, rather, Kasui's face was strong, and glancing over at his cooking buddy with an unwavering gaze, he nodded a bit, having formulated the words in his head. "Alright, I'm damn sure that those damn Japs have somethin' ta do with all of this bullshit, korrrra -- I was suspicious of that damn Hayasu brat the first time I saw 'im, and that damn Uchiiori can't be up to no good either. Still can't believe nobody questioned where he was snoopin' around durin' the power outage--"

    "You know, Kamene-san," Immediately, the femme's sapphire eyes shot up to meet with the yakuza's unfazed gaze. "You didn't question it either -- no, you jumped straight to the conclusion that Ichiro-san was the murderer, without any real proof or even a motive!! What, do you plan on singling people out until all of us are dead?!"

    At this, Kasui couldn't help but to get a little flustered -- now, it was a matter of pride. "O-Oi! Don't go twistin' this around on me like I'M the criminal, korrrra!! Ya can't deny that Ichiro was actin' pretty damn suspicious -- hell, we can't even prove that he was killed yet! poopie, he coulda jumped on his own!!"

    "Kamene-san, you're just as suspicious as anybody else is!! You and Kirine-san were off doing who knows what during the blackout -- and you were the ones who led Ichiro-san and Mathieu off to the first body!! Hell, you've already killed people before, haven't you, Mr. Yakuza?! If I had to put money on it, I'd say the murderer was you!!!"

    At this point, Kasui, enraged, had bolted upwards, throwing his arms behind him and knocking a few shelved books to tumble to the ground with a loud crash. "You shut the rubber duck up ya little brat, ya don't know poopie about what yer talking about korrrrrrra!!! Mathi, control yer doggy-woggie-poo, would ya!?!?!"

    Unanimously, the XYZloids brought themselves into standing positions rivaling the yakuza's, both releasing a shrill, "HEY!"

    As the younger blonde, lopped her tired head onto the arm of the small couch, now lacking a lap to lay on, Aiko waved her hands in front of her face and body, flustered, but scowling. "I'm not his doggy-woggie-poo-- Well, hey, I'm not a doggy-woggie-poo to begin with anyway, b-but I'm definitely not HIS!!!"

    The green-haired chef, on the other hand, appeared a lot more serious in nature, his own scowl a lot more threatening. "You had better watch yourself, Kasui, you're walking on thin ice."

    Cocky, though with a good mix of nervous irritation, Kasui's lips twitched into a smirk. "What're ya tryin' ta say, korrrra?"

    Lifting his arm, Mathieu couldn't help but to bring an accusing point to the male's face, streaming off each and every thing that had crossed his mind since the discovery of the first body. "Kasui, you led Ichiro-kun and I to the first body -- both he and I were spooked, but you? You didn't seem phased at all. Why? Because you knew it was there."

    Kasui growled, his smirk growing wider -- in his chest lied a plethora of mixed feelings; pride that the green-haired male, who was usually so pushover-esque, was standing up for himself, irritation at the males assumptions, along with a tinge of hurt that rang back deep within his rib cage.

    "When the lights went out, you were supposedly with Tsubaki-san, weren't you? Showing her the body, no less -- I really can't believe that you spent the entire time showing her something so grotesque -- and besides, why did she need to see it in the first place? Both of you were missing up until Selen-san's body was found."

    Mathieu paused, looking a bit torn -- these thoughts, ever since the discovery of the first body... Kasui... was one of his good friends, likely one of his best... but now another one of his best friends, along with others, were dead, and Kasui... Mathieu, as much as he cared for the male, couldn't handle the idea of any more bodies showing up, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    "Okay, smart ass," Kasui chuckled a bit, shoving his hands into the pockets of his wrinkled slacks. "If I was the murderer, how the hell did I kill Ichiro? You were standin' right there with me when the fucker fell, korrrra."

    "Like you said," Mathieu didn't falter in the slightest. "He jumped -- Ichiro was piecing it all together, and he wanted to warn us, but there was no way out..." The thought of his friend ending his own life that way, through an accident, in vain, was almost more painful than the idea of him being thrown out, but at that point, there really wasn't much left of a logical explanation. "Kasui-kun... I didn't want to have to ask you this -- you're my friend. But..."

    It was only now that the harsh stare of the frenchman faded into a softer look of concern for his friend. "Are you a murderer?"

    The way his friend had worded the sentence had definitely caught the tougher, manlier of the two off guard -- and it showed. He took a step back, his cocky smirk immediately cascading into a deep frown. It would have been easy for him to lie, painfully easy -- but for some reason, Kasui could do nothing but stand in silence, the crease between his eyebrows growing deeper with each passing minute.

    "Kasui..." Mathieu seemed a bit shocked by the male's silence, not entirely sure how to take it, but immediately, the blue-haired femme latched onto the frenchman's arm, glaring at the moehawked man. "Th-That's it!! That's as good as a confession!!!"

    Kasui shook his head, growling loudly and bearing his teeth. "Fuck YOU, brat, I didn't confess ta poopie! I didn't...!!!" He couldn't finish the sentence -- wording it was difficult...

    "Kasui, I... I think I'd feel better... if we left you in here for a little while."

    At this, the yakuza's nostrils flared, and his voice bellowed into the empty halls. "Are ya fuckin' RETARDED korrrrra?!! There's a fuckin' MURDERER runnin' around and I'm the toughest one you've all got korrrrrra!!!!"

    "If you're really sure that the murderer is one of the foreigners... this shouldn't be a problem for you, Kasui-kun... We'll keep them locked up too..."

    Kasui shook his head vivaciously, his longer, auburn hair turning with him. "Fuck THAT korrrra, ya can't lock me up, ya don't have no proof that I did poopie korrrra!!! HEY, YA MOTHERFUCKERS, IF YA LOCK THIS DOOR--"

    Quickly, the green-haired male rushed the women into the hallway, and without any hesitation, the door was shut and swiftly locked from the outside, leaving an enraged turtle lover pounding and kicking on the barrier that kept him from the others. And as Mathieu turned away with the other two girls, his eyes grew just as empty as the remaining Makune's as they clouded over with pained, mixed feelings.

    The tense air had cooled upon the green-tressed femme's arrival, and quickly, she took a few glances around the hallway, ensuring that she was alone... Creating quiet footsteps was a difficult task wearing heels as gaudy as the ones she bore, but somehow, she had managed to sneak her way onto the second floor without catching anybody's eye... an achievement that she would have to celebrate later on by abducting a certain spike-bearing man's credit card. For now, however, she brought herself to the small bedroom's door knob -- one that she assumed was the bedroom of a young child, considering it locked from the outside -- and gently, she turned the lock with a soft click...

    ... which was quickly overruled by the sound of glass clattering against the floor.


    The loud-mouthed janitor's voice was silenced by the princess wannabe's head popping in through the doorway... Yamato, with an extremely nervous smile, shirked away from the brunette's grasp on his collar and joined the extremely stressed Roku, who had segregated himself onto the bed in the far corner, away from the others. Gill, who had been trying to play the peacemaker, as he usually did, seemed a bit relieved upon seeing Tsubaki, but appeared equally confused. "Tsubaki-san, what is it? What's going o--"

    "Move." Ganari's voice was harsh sounding as his glare burned holes in the walls, and without warning, he shoved the little princess aside by the shoulders (causing quite the pout to appear on her face) and immediately, he stormed off into the hallway. For a moment, a bit of panic had risen within the femme -- if anyone saw Ganari walking around, she'd definitely get in a lot of trouble... that, and she wasn't sure of anybody's innocence save for Gill's... Regardless, upon grabbing the femme's arms, Gill had also grabbed Tsubaki's utmost attention.

    "Tsubaki-san... what is it?" He asked again, with a gentler, but still very serious face -- one that was signature to him. Tsubaki merely bat her eyes, frowning a bit. "I just wanted to come up here and prove to everyone that Gill-sama was innocent somehow! Roku was upstairs with Ichiro, not you!" The girl appeared to momentarily disregard the facts that one, Gill was ridiculously close to the Yoshiki male, and two, that said Yoshiki male was lurking not even a hundred feet behind them, but Gill didnt't appear to be too phased -- as usual. "So... Yamato-sama, what did he do to get Ganari-san so worked up?"

    Her words were a bit gossipy, and without hesitation, Tsubaki tried to gather all of the information she could to place any and all blame on the other three foreigners, leaving her Gill scott free -- something that Gill wasn't entirely sure he liked, considering his closeness to the three. Shaking his head, he glanced back at the other two, and then down towards Tsubaki... he was left torn between not only friendships, but also morals...

    "It..." He began in a whisper, pulling the femme off to the side. "It's just--"

    His mouth kept moving, but quickly, the sound of a loud, ringing shot fired, overpowering anything and everything he had to say.

    Within seconds, the extremely stressed cheesecake lover had his hands buried within his dark locks, using all of his energy to prevent himself from pulling it all out -- Tsubaki's grasp had lept from the blue-haired JPloid's arm to his torso as she suppressed a scream -- and Yamato had stood, his eyes wide with fear. Immediately, his hand lept for the door, but Gill had smacked his hand away from it immediately, shaking his head wildly and speaking as quietly as he could possibly manage. "T-They have a gun...! I-If you just run out there, they'll...!"

    The room was dead silent... and in front of the doorway... soft footsteps creaked against the hard wood floor.

    Tsubaki felt her heart beating against her chest, wishing more than anything that it would stop, if only because she was afraid that the murderer would hear it. Slowly, the footsteps began to fade away, but even after they had silenced, Gill seemed hesitant to let the others step out...

    Upon doing so, however, the shrill scream of the princess wannabe rang even louder than the gunshot had. On the floor lied the bloody corpse of the male who had just stormed out of the room not even ten minutes ago -- Ganari Tateru.

    Shot in the back of the head, it was easy to assume that the shot had been taken from a fairly close range, as the bullet had passed directly through his skull, creating a mess of his right eye and cheek. Fortunately for the onlookers and friends of the newly departed, the goriest bit was facedown on the hardwood floor, leaving the gaping hole in the back of his head, along with the pool of blood and strings of torn tissue and brain matter that had landed on the floor the only traces showing his parting. The three Japanese men, all at once, had rushed down to their friend's side, shaking his body in vain -- they knew he was gone, there was no way he could have survived... but regardless, they shook at his body, hoping for any kind of response...

    Down the hall, pounding on the library's door could be heard -- Kasui had heard the gunshot initially, but, like the others, had wanted to remain out of the murderer's line of fire... That, and if he tried to bust out, knowing his luck, he'd look like the murderer at the scene of the crime, so he remained where he was supposed to be... However, upon hearing Tsubaki's scream... he couldn't just sit there! That Jap wonderful person couldn't protect Tsubaki, he was the only one who was capable...!

    Amongst the chaos, a group of men -- Yue, Shun and Mathieu -- had galloped up the stairs, all in time to see the extremely grief-ridden Japanese men on the floor with their lost friend, the green-haired girl backed up against a wall with her gaze adverted, and the library door falling to the ground with sheer yakuza rage.

    "T-Tsubaki, are you--" Kasui's voice was loud, his face bent into an even more sour expression than usual -- until he caught the sight of the body on the floor. Tsubaki was fine... his face had been quick to soften upon confirming this, however... another body had turn up. Taking a few steps forward, he pushed his way past the foreigners to examine the wound on the body... He had been shot... with something powerful -- no mere handgun for sure. The shot wasn't clean, however, and Kasui was instantly able to recognize that it had been fired at a very close range. -- whoever had fired at the deceased JPloid surely hadn't ever used a gun before...

    The yakuza male was silent for a moment, his frown twisting into an venomously sarcastic grin. "Well, which one of ya bastards was it? Couldn'ta been me -- I was fuckin' locked up."

    Gill had appeared rather worked up by this statement, but Shun had taken a step forward, grabbing a hold of his friend's arms and pulling him away from the group a bit. Mathieu had informed both he and his brother of the situation downstairs, and Shun knew that Kasui would be upset... "Kasui, hush, this isn't the time for this--"

    "Ahaha, what now that there's fuckin' proof that I ain't the murderer it ain't the time or place to be throwin' suspects' names out!?!" Kasui felt a surge of both irritation and cockiness run through his veins, but upon shaking his head, he sent a serious glance towards his cooking buddy.

    "This right here prooves it, korrra." His gaze subconsciously wavered.

    "I ain't killed no one... in this fuckin' mansion."

    "Kamene-san... You're on the first shift, alright? You take from now until 3AM. Yuzune-san, you'll take the shift after him until 6AM. If nobody's awake by then, Yoshiki-san, if you would, wake up by that time and keep an eye out for everybody."

    Another body had been taken, and those remaining were back at square one -- to suspect the foreigners after one of their own had been taken was... both illogical and heartless. That, and Tsubaki bore as their witness, providing a clear alibi for the remaining JPloids. With no one left to suspect, those who would be spending the night within Kinpa's regal guest rooms likely wouldn't be getting any sort of a good night's sleep -- however, the younger children were nearly about to collapse, and it had been a long day for everyone... Thus, strict schedules of keeping watch had been set up.

    "If bodies are found in the morning, we can assume that one of the three on guard were responsible." Kazuko had stated with cold eyes. "Kasui-san, Yuzune-san and Yoshiki-san are the strongest we've got, and are the most capable of fighting against another person assuming they try anything."

    Roku nodded as he stood between the taller yakuza male and the platinum blonde rocker boy, swallowing nervously -- even he didn't know how well he'd fend against a gun...

    As the bodies began disappearing behind doorways, Shun glanced towards his best friend, nodding a bit with a concerned look on his features. "Be... careful, alright?"

    Kasui rolled his eyes, not doubting his capability to take anyone in the mansion down if he needed to, and as the lights went out, the male spun his chair around, sat with his arms leaning on the chair's backing, beginning his shift.


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    Woop, double update time because I'm a fruit who got two chapters done today. XDDDDDD

    CH5: Accident

    Fate had a truly ironic way of weaving it's little webs, twisting daily occurrences and happenings into memories, meetings and chances that would forever change the lives of it's choosing. A trip to the grocery store could lead to meeting one's true love in the produce aisle -- and adversely, could lead to an agonizing five car pile up, calling an end for many unfortunate people. To some, chance was a miracle worker -- and to others, it created nothing but disasters and calamity... But the sense mystery, the unknown factors and variables, the one power that no human could ever fathom or harness -- this is what made miracles, fate, chance, and even accidents exactly what they were.

    In a lovely little cafe -- family run, and thus, not very renowned, but a cute, satisfying place nontheless -- one amongst many of these miracles occurred as within the doorway, a very young, albeit very strong-haired child stood with a pout lighting up her cheeks. The girl was no older than fourteen, though her awkwardly abundant height certainly threw off the guesses of many within the eatery. There had been no particular reason for her stopping by -- as a lover of sweets, the idea of sinking her teeth into a rich, chocolate pastry, especially considering that at that point, it was all she could really afford, was blissful -- but within, she was to cross paths with an extremely influential individual...

    "Non non non! Pas bon, this will never do!!"

    A very loud male voice rang through the small cafe -- one that must have done so quite often, as none of the cafe's regulars did so much as twitch at the sound of it -- and quickly, one of the uniformed waitresses was spun around by her shoulder. Behind her stood a very flabbergasted french male, who's green tresses flipped as he leaned down to examine the rows of cakes she held on her tray. After a pause and what appeared to be a very in depth examination of the sweets, the male stood upright once more, shaking his head and placing his hands on his hips. "This just won't do, it won't do!! The pie slices were cut sloppily, and the plating is all wrong -- no, I simply cannot allow such sloppiness to exist in my ma cuisine!!"

    For a moment, the waitresses eyes went downcast and subconsciously, she released a a small sigh -- catching sight of this, the frenchman's inner ladies' man simply couldn't bear being so rough, and gently, he grabbed a hold of her arms, spinning the both of them around a bit and smiling. "Oh, but it isn't your fault mon ange~~ I'll put all of the blame on that brute I'm working with in the back, non~?"

    "Rosaire-san, I told you, if you touch me again, I'm filing for sexual harassment."

    "Non non non non non non! Ohohohoho, ah, here, ma puce, I'll take care of this for you~~" Having released the girl as if she were a hot frying pan, he swiped the tray of delicate desserts from the girl, who simply clacked off, back into the kitchen.

    The blue-haired femme appeared not even the slightest bit fazed by the happenings behind the scenes, and had stepped up to the display rack, where she had proceeded to have a light-hearted conversation with the much older woman who dealt with the counter work.

    "My, you're a new face around these parts!" The woman, short in stature, especially in comparison to the younger femme's five feet and nine inches, smiled sweetly... frailly. The femme nodded a bit, her own natural pout disappearing a bit at the woman's warm vibes.

    "Yeah... I just moved here a few days ago, so I'm checking out the local scenery~" She nodded half-heartedly, her hands laced behind her back. While this was partially true, the femme had left out most of the details of her arrival -- most importantly, the ones that included her being virtually homeless and, upon purchasing her half-dozen of chocolate eclairs, being without a dime to her name. However, the teen, out of both her sheer stubborn nature and her desire to keep her personal affairs to herself, hadn't said a word, and had merely kept on conversing.

    "Ah, are you finished with that~~? I'll take it then, merci beaucoup~" His frilled apron, his fluffy, green tresses of hair, along with the stacked piles of both full and empty plates he carried spun around with the rest of his body as, gracefully, he paraded his way throughout the cafe. This wasn't an act that was rare -- in fact, Mathieu Rosaire had been renowned for both his excellent cookery skills... and those in balancing. The dishes, boxes, cakes and pies were beginning to form a pile far surpassing the height of his head, but without so much as a sign of struggle, he twisted and turned throughout each nook and cranny between every table and chair, even stopping to give a wink at every woman he passed. A good portion of the success of this show, however, was likely due to the fact that the male not only knew the layout of the establishment, but that he also knew the schedules, preference and seating arrangements of the regulars like the back of his hands. He knew who would be where, doing what, thus making it no problem at all to mark his route in ways that would avoid collision...

    The sounds of crashing plates and chiming metal silverware hitting the ground was enough to silence a good portion of the cafe, and it only after the male's body had flung it's self onto the newcomer, his lips aligned with her own, that he had realized that there had been an obstacle within his usual path of flight. The fall within it's self had happened so quickly that the male hadn't had enough time to react -- this, in combination with the girl's flying fists and feet, had caused the staggering man both pain and confusion.

    "W-WHATTHEHELLAREYOUDOINGGETOFFOFMEEEEEEE!" With reddened cheeks, the girl's arms and legs flailed violently, forcing the foreign body off of her own with a piercing shriek. Bringing herself to her feet, she glanced down at her own clothes, which had been stained horribly by the mess of creams, fruits and chocolates the male had been bearing before their collision -- and while this upset her greatly, it was quickly overshadowed by the next thing that caught her eye...

    ... Her order of eclairs... it was on the floor, face down, each and every one crushed underneath the weight of broken dishes.

    To most, this wouldn't have been a big deal, but to the fourteen year old girl who had spent her last penny on the now ruined sweets... it was devastating. She glanced at the crushed box, along with the mess that was her outfit -- she didn't have any other changes of clothes... The sheer anxiety of it all had completely ruled out any idea of the chefs recreating her order at no charge to her, and slowly, her knees weakened, causing her body to fall to the floor along with her hot, stinging tears.

    "Au pair... I see, I see, ohohoho~ I can't wait to see what kind of jobs I can think up for you~~"

    As the green-haired frenchman drifted off into his daydreams, a swift smack was delivered to the back of his head as the older woman from behind the counter held a cup of warmed tea to the teary-eyed child. "Kikyuune-san, you've had it rough... We'd be more than happy to take you in here, but of course, we'll have to put you to work."

    Aiko... embarrassed by the childish tears that had streamed down her cheeks, irritated with the younger chef who had crushed her pastries, and thankful towards the woman before her... was mixed in feelings. She had refused to tell them anything about where she had come from, what she was doing -- but regardless, they had offered her a place in their home, in their family, without any sort of unheard of conditions...


    Certainly, it was no rare occurrence for the youngest Yuzune boy to reside within the deep recesses of any and every mall that was within his reach -- a lover of fashion, a connoisseur of anything trendy and certainly enthralled by all things vogue, Yuzune Jun found himself deep within racks and aisles of clothing much more often than he found himself within his own home. He was a man of very simple, very feminine tastes, and his brother, while not much manlier than he, was just a bit more masculine -- that, and in combination with his brute of a best friend's boorish distraction and antics, he often went on his little shopping trips alone. However, he didn't seem to have any problems going off on his own -- with the company of a certain overused and certainly maxed out spike-themed credit card, the loneliness was something that became very, very easy to bear.

    Within the displays and shelves of a very pink, very trendy little boutique, the Yuzune stood, alone, pulling hanger after hanger from the circular trestle, examining the pattern and designs of each t-shirt before him. He preferred brighter colors, but tried to avoid things that made him appear too flamboyant -- though sometimes, the popping pinks and blues were just too difficult to resist. He grinned at the pile that he had accumulated, then patted at the pocket of his jacket to ensure that the hard-boiled chef's plastic was securely within his possession, and quickly, he had turned, clutching his selections within his arms.

    "... Yorokobi mashou mushou no ai o..."

    From the heights of the ceiling, small speakers released a soft hint of sweet, poppy background music, creating a fitting atmosphere for such a trendy, upbeat store. Immediately, Jun was torn -- the song was one of his favorites, and while he had heard it a million times, he found it hard to simply turn away from it... Shaking his head, he turned back towards the racks once more, figuring he'd do another quick run through, at least until after his favorite part of the song...

    "... Atae rare mata sasagu hito ga iru koto~"

    His lips slowly began to mouth the lyrics -- naturally, he knew the song by heart -- and quickly, his flipping through the t-shirts lined up became just a bit more rhythmatical.

    "We get love, give love, and repeat it~"

    Unconsciously, the male's voice began to leak throughout his mouthed vocals, his own voice just barely audible over the actual singer. This, however, had been just enough to catch somebody's attention...

    "A-Ah, do it too! Can do, you can do nano da!?!"

    Jun had blinked a few times, his head twisting left, and then right, trying to find the source of the voice.

    "Show, uu! Show show, how do that no da!?!"

    Upon feeling a small hand land on his shoulder, Jun's head had spun around -- and upon seeing that one of the display mannequins from the window had... gotten up from where it had been sitting and... was now staring at him with large, bright, blinking eyes and a clueless smile...

    Without hesitation, the boy released a shriek.

    "W... What... What is...?!!"

    "Uu, uu, scary noise no da! Why? Why scary?" The gray-skinned femme appeared just as shocked as the male had been, lifting her hands to where Jun had assumed her ears were or would be and pouting. His heart still pounding, Jun seemed reluctant, but took a few steps towards... whatever it was. He figured that if he was hallucinating, it would disappear as he neared it or something, but... it didn't -- rather, it's face became more excited as he did so.

    Noticeably disoriented by this, he stared at the creature, before immediately scanning the place for one of the cashiers... Grabbing a hold of the pink blob's arm, he dragged her over to the front counter, where a very uninterested male sat with his chin cupped in his palm. "E-EXCUSE me, but I don't think it's legal to keep real people in the windows like that!"

    With a pause, the male behind the counter lifted his sunglasses down just a bit, peering over with a look of disbelief. "Boy, are you retarded? It ain't real, it's just a mannequin -- now put it back."

    At that point, Jun couldn't decide what had shocked him more -- the content of the shopkeeper's words, or the fact that he had been so nonchalant in saying them. Shaking his head, his eyes were wide with disbelief. "Whaddya MEAN it's a mannequin!?! Mannequins don't walk -- they don't talk!"

    "I don't give two shits if that thing starts paradin' around doin' the samba, I said put it back."

    Slightly disheartened and surely offended by the male's rough way of handling the situation, the blonde tugged on the creature's arm once more, leading her back in the direction of whence they came... However, the male's curiosity still ate at him -- no mannequin he had ever seen or heard of had ever been capable of... moving... or thinking on it's own, which it appeared by the way it was examining the pile of clothes he had chosen to try on and plucking out the things that were "so last month" that it did. A part of him sincerely wanted to put the... thing... back where he had found it and continue on his way, but an even greater part couldn't stand the questions that were raging through his skull...

    "What... are you?"

    Turning from the pile of clothing, the girl blinked a few times, smiling aimlessly. "MNKN model 814, version 1.76 no da." Without another word, the femme had returned to the t-shirts, leaving the male flabbergasted yet again. "What, you don't have a name!?"

    "Uu... uu. I picked... Hayari. I like Hayari."

    Jun merely shook his head -- naturally, the mannequin would choose something like fashionable for her name...

    "Hey, mister!! Show me, you earlier, how did you do no da?" As if it had hit her head on, the girl had recalled all at once the reason she had broken her position in front of the window and immediately, she grabbed a hold of the man's arms, jumping a bit. Confused, Jun cocked an eyebrow. "What... are you talking about?"

    "Like Gumi! Kaito, like Miku, like Meiko, like LenRin! Like Vocaloid, show how do!" Her eyes were bright, similar to a child's on Christmas morning, and, still slightly confused, Jun's head tilted.

    "You mean... singing...?"

    "Uu, uu!" The girl's smile grew wide as she nodded frantically, bouncing a bit. "Show how, show, show!"

    At this, Jun couldn't help but to laugh a bit. "You can barely speak correctly... and you're a mannequin, why would you need to sing?"

    "Uu... I learn talk by listen nano da!" She smiled, nodding, seeming proud of her very broken linguistics. "But sing, cannot learn.. Try but never sound, uu! On runway, I sing, but no good, so send me here no da, no more runway, uu..." Jun was only barely able to keep up with the girl, though she continued to speak without faltering. "Want to sing like Vocaloid, want to sing! They robot, sing, I robot, also sing nano da!!"

    "You want to sing..." The girl was a robot of some sorts, rather than just a mannequin, this was something that Jun had figured -- but to sing? He was amazed that something so automated could think on it's own, much less talk, but sing too...? "Well, let's see what you've got. Sing for me, right now."

    Again, the girl's eyes lit up, and quickly, she placed her hands to her chest, her dark lashes fluttering shut. Parting her lips, she released a slow line, mimicking what he had been doing earlier...


    "T-T-THAT'S ENOUGH." Jun had nearly tackled the robot to the ground in his attempts to silence whatever the hell it was that had been coming out of it's mouth, and upon glancing up to make sure that none of the windows within the store had shattered, his gaze returned to the gray-skinned femme, who's smile had faded.

    "Cannot sing, uu... Cannot figure no da! Is hard, but want sing, want more than anything, uuuuu!"

    Again, the blonde found himself merely staring at the girl -- whatever she was... he found it fascinating. A robot who had learned to speak, albeit badly, through listening to those who had passed her by within the store... A robot who could feel the disappointment and despair left by not being able to work towards her dreams... A robot who didn't even have a full name... He seemed torn, but a sneaky smile appeared on his lips upon remembering what his jacket pocket sheltered...

    "Alright, I'll teach you."

    Before the mannequin could react properly, she had been dragged to the front counter once more, where once again, the irritated store clerk glanced up at the fruity blonde with a grating expression.

    Slapping the turtle-lovers' credit card onto the glass counter, Jun frowned. "How much for the mannequin?"


    "Okay, so who brought the list-- Jun, why the rubber duck would I wanna buy that when I can just fuckin' make it at home-- OI, OIIII, DON'T GO RUNNIN' OFF WITH MY FUCKIN' CREDIT CARD, I NEED THAT KORRRRRRA!"

    Shopping with the Poploids was always an experience... usually a very loud one that resulted in a temporary ban or at the very least, a fine for all of the broken jars and perished items destroyed during their visit. Most of the noise came from the oldest, tallest, most masculine but certainly not the most mature of the group, Kamene Kasui, who, with the cart in his grasp, tried to keep an eye on all of those running throughout the store. Usually, it was only he and his best friend, the second oldest of the house, Yuzune Shun, who trailed off to the grocery store when the food supply was running low -- but, on occassion, both the princess wannabe and the younger Yuzune simply demanded that they tag along, to ensure that their favorite whatever was picked up along with the rest of the neccessities... Which led to the gray-skinned femme to rant and rave about how it would be an adventure nano da, and that she wanted to come along too...

    With a few moments to himself, Kasui took the opportunity to head over to the frozen meats section, a place that neither Tsubaki, Jun or Hayari appeared to like very much, where immediately, he began to eye the specials. Naturally, the male was a lover of all things meat, and more so, a lover of cooking it... Outstretching his rough, calloused hand, he reached for a large package of steak... but before he could pull it back, he felt the presence of another top his own. Glancing up, he caught sight of a shorter, but only slightly so, green-haired male, and immediately, his hand shot up and without warning, he shoved the man far away from his own person.

    "What the rubber duck korrrrra?!?" His voice bellowed throughout the aisles, leaving the shorter chef very confused as he stared into the angry eyes of the yakuza male. "What kind of wonderful person are ya!?! Ya think I'm some sorta wonderful person korrrrra!? I ain't no wonderful person, you keep yer wonderful person ass away from me korrrrrrrrra!!!"

    "Qu'est-ce?! Non, I'm not--" Watching the male slap the packaged meat into his cart and turn away, Mathieu was immediately disheartened, and he nearly threw himself at the male, clutching to his shoulders in an attempt to stop him. "Wait, wait! That's the last package! I need it!!"

    Shoving at the male once more, Kasui roared. "Fuck YOU korrrrra, I saw it firs--"

    "Kasui-san, uuuuu! Look at all of the pineapple they have nano da!!!"

    A very pink mannequin had approached the cart without warning, and, in her arms, she held likely the largest pile of pineapple ever carried by any person -- in her arms, she held the entire produce aisle's stock, along with as many cans of the stuff she could pile on top... and in one, exaggerated motion, the lot of it was dropped within the Poploid's cart, creating a loud, crashing noise. "Kasui-san can make a lot of pineapple dishes with this, no da, uu!"

    Kasui's eyes immediately went wide as the bags of fruit, bread and chips underneath the mannequin's pile began to flatten, and he panicked, removing piles of the spiked object at once. Hayari tilted her head a bit, not quite understanding the reasoning behind Kasui's actions, but quickly ran off to one of the checkout aisles, where she proceeded to grab the attention of one of the clerks. "Excuse me, do you have any more nano da?"

    "Kasui-baka." Entirely enthralled by saving the crushed groceries from the pineapple avalanche, the yakuza hadn't even noticed the princess wannabe's approach -- shooting an irritated glance at her, she placed a very large blueberry pie on top of the pineapple pile. "Ohoho, the man behind the counter at the bakery section told me it's made of only the finest ingredients~ And at only fifty dollars, what a steal~"

    Just as Kasui appeared as if he were about to blow a gasket, a pat on the back caused Tsubaki to jump a bit, and the voice of the taunting youngest male echoed through her ears. "You're going to get so fat if you eat that, ahahaha, tubby Tsuba~!"

    While the three near the cart had erupted into a mess of screaming and arguing, Shun, who had spent his time in the store eyeing the racks of gum near the checkout lines, along with the mannequin, who tagged along at his side with a very large pineapple, likely the largest within the store, approached the screaming yakuza, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Here Kasui-kun, we only want this pineapple." The pink-haired femme nodded, holding it far in front of her. "Uu, SHUN-kun said it was the best no da~~!"

    "We don't want to waste our time with the bad pineapples, do we Hayari-chan?" The older male chuckled a bit, and the girl shook her head wildly. "Uu, only good pineapples no da!!!"

    Kasui turned to eye his friend, then released a soft sigh -- he was able to calm down a bit with Shun around, most likely because Shun was renowned for playing peacemaker in times of calamity... "Come on guys, let's hurry up and get what we need, or Kasui-kun here won't have enough time to make us those deviled eggs he promised~"

    "You can make deviled eggs? ... You cook?" The green-haired chef who, out of pure amusement (that, and he really needed that steak...!) had stuck around for the show, glanced up at the tall, sour-faced yakuza.

    He frowned a bit in response, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I dabble, korrrra."

    Suddenly, a plan was formulated within the head of the chef boy, and quickly, he grinned, offering to help tear away at the remaining pineapple hoard. "Is that so...? Ohoho, I'd love to see you at work some time~" Grabbing a hold of the packaged meat, he held it near his chest and smiled a bit sneakily. "Listen, if you let me take this off of your hands," He paused, noticing the irritation growing within the darker male already. "I'll feed you all at the cafe I work at, no charge~ C'est un échange équitable, n'est-ce pas?"

    Kasui couldn't help but to but to feel slightly amused by the male's offer, but really, who was he to turn it down? Free food was free food -- which also, in turn, meant that he wouldn't have to do any cooking for the group of ingrates that night, something that was forever a plus. Shaking his head a bit, he flashed a cocky grin. "... Alright, korrrrra, but I wanna be in that kitchen with ya. Don't know what kind of weird tricks ya wonderful person chefs try ta pull with yer food korrrra."


    Kinpa was, and always had been, a majestic island full of beauty, regality... but also, a place laced with questionable motive and mystery. On it resided only three people -- a crazed scientist, along with a mother and her child -- naturally, rumors and ridicule were bound to errupt.

    "That Aline lady... isn't she one of Moritake's crazy experiments or something?"

    "Wouldn't that make Deon some sort of test tube baby or something? Ewwww, how freaky~!"

    "I heard Moritake's breedin' all sorts of weird poopie over there -- that's why that big forest is there, so all of his freak concoctions got a place to run a mock."

    The wind ruffled past the the mansion's mistress, blowing her grape-hued curls behind her. With a gentle sigh, she blinked downward a bit -- of course, they were words that stung, especially coming from sources that had acted so civilly and kindly before her, but there was not much that could be done about it. There was no denying that their existence on such a large island could go about unsuspected -- however, Aline was sure that a good portion of their suspicion came from sheer envy, something that would only further disappoint the female if it were to prove true. It was her home, their home -- and certainly, it was nothing to be envious of...

    Their distance from the mainland made interaction with the outside world something scarce -- a boat ride to the nearest landed port would likely take just a little over an hour or two at a comfortable sailing level, thus, ruling out a lot things -- including any promise of sending the purple-haired child to a public school like originally planned. Not that a boat ride to and from school every day had scared off Deon or his mother -- rather, it was Moritake's idea to keep him on Kinpa's grounds, where they would homeschool him. The results hadn't turned out too horribly, his mother figured; after all, Deon had matured into a very bright young boy... a quiet one, but bright nonetheless. That, and his absence from public school certainly hadn't taken away from his social life any...

    "Geeeeeeez, you drag me all the way out here just to ignore me, some friends you are!!" The blonde, cinnamon-headed femme stomped her foot on the ground while the two, gentler boys only laughed slightly, shaking their heads. Ichiro's hand had outstretched and landed upon the blonde girl's head as her pout only continued to grow. "We're not ignoring you, Hachi... maybe just try speaking up a bit...?" Ichiro was, naturally, more than aware of the blonde's thing for his good friend... He wasn't sure that he approved her how in depth her affection for him seemed to be, but he had no place to say anything -- it wasn't really any of his business... or rather, he preferred it to be that way.

    At least once a month, more often more than not, both of the Makunes, usually tagged with a green-haired chef and his tsundere, came to the island of Kinpa for a visit. They were a few of Deon's closest friends, and so Aline was always happy to have them over, happy to see that her son had been able to find such wonderful people to grow up with... They had all met through various other Ranking events, parties and festivals, their friendship growing through music and mutual tastes... And so, the boys conversed, all the while the blonde Makune sat with puffed cheeks and crossed arms...

    Deon was happy, and thus, Aline was happy -- but she knew that a good portion of his happiness... had come from him living in the dark. She knew better than anyone what those off of the island were saying -- and she knew better than anyone that when Deon grew older and planned on venturing out on his own, a day that surely was approaching him quickly, he'd meet with the very rough, cruel gazes and words of those who were so certain that Kinpa's island was some sort of devil's ground. Even his closest friends... While she couldn't confirm it, as gossip was just that -- gossip, she had even heard word of even his closest friends taking part in the bashing and plans to discover whatever mysteries Kinpa had in store...

    To Aline, it was irritating -- each and every family had their secrets, and hers had theirs... what gave anybody else the god damn right to waltz in and try and crack it?

    The clacking of the mansion's hostess' feet clacked gently against the brick pavement of the rose garden, and in her arms, she carried a small platter, filled mostly with various small cookies for the children. Upon spotting Aline, Hachi leaped up, throwing her arms around the woman's waist, nearly causing her to lose her grip on the plate, but nonetheless, she kept her balance.

    "Aline-sama!" The girl beamed, smiling brightly at the woman, who only smiled back half-heartedly, her thoughts obviously elsewhere.

    "Hachi-chan... mm~" She nodded a bit, handing the plate over to Ichiro, who had lept up immediately to offer a hand. "You two, it's getting late, were you planning on catching the last boat off?"

    The blue-haired boy nodded, grinning politely. "Yes, it'll be coming in about thirty minutes, won't it?"

    Aline nodded, her smile growing a bit larger. "That should be about right... Alright then, be sure to tell me before you leave, I'll gladly see you off."

    As much as Aline adored her son's friends, more than anything, on that clear, sunny afternoon... she wanted them as far away as possible. Within one week, the yearly Overseas UTAU ranking would be occurring, there, at Kinpa, as it usually did... and there was much to be done. She had no idea how she would be doing it, and she had no idea how successful her endeavors would be...

    But the one thing she knew for sure was that, no matter what the cost...

    ... she would squash all rumors tired to both herself, her home, and her son...

    .. once and for all.

    CH6: Edge
    A fear for one's life had been known to cause time to come to a hault -- every minute, every second, every breath taken, each one was accounted for, and their numbers seemed infinite... However, it had appeared that, like the others, the brutal, careless murderer had needed sleep as the night had passed them all without so much as a hint of trouble. The rough yakuza male had stayed up an extra shift to look out for his weaker blonde friend, who was to take the second, and once their time was up, they had headed to the Japanese male's room to wake him for his portion of the guard duty.

    "Yo, Yoshiki, get up." Kasui's voice was blunt and rough as he brought a shaking hand to the male's shoulder, not showing any signs of consideration at all -- his dislike for the foreigners was overt, and he was sure that by then, the idiot had gotten the clue, and thus, there was no point in faking anything. The monochrome head shifted in his blankets a bit, releasing just a hint of a groan; he, like many others, hadn't gotten to sleep very easily, and it was very likely that he had only gotten an hour or two at best... His eyes were heavy and his sight was blurry, but slowly, he had lifted his head, just enough to make it look so that his gaze was meeting with the two Poploids'.

    "Yer shift starts now, get out there."

    For some reason, Roku found the simple-minded gangster's words to be a lot more agitating than they usually were... However, without a word, he had slumped from his sheets, finding it difficult to pull himself into a standing position, but after a long pause, he had managed to do so, wobbling a bit before gaining a full, albeit slacked posture. "Mmm.." He rubbed at his eyes, and then his head, just barely allowing his green hues to match those behind Kasui's sunglasses. "I'll be out there in a sec, just let me get dressed, okay?" With his, he flashed a very small, polite smile -- one that he had tended to bear in the presence of the younger Yuzune, in hopes not to offend or cause any trouble. Shun had placed a hand on Kasui's back, nodding at the Japanese male, and quickly, the two turned from his room to allow him to get prepared for the morning.

    When the door had closed behind them... Roku had paused for a moment, his back turned to his bed. The home was quiet enough so that their footsteps could be heard cascading throughout the empty hallways, all the way until they had reached their own guest bedrooms. The two had stopped to chat about something or another, but Roku hadn't paid any attention to it, his mind fogged by the lack of sleep and the sight of the pale, periwinkle sky, signifying that soon, the sun would be up... or rather, that day time would be arriving. He doubted the presence of the sun for quite a while, as overhead, the pounding of the rain carried on -- though quickly, he had noted that he had almost become immune to the sound.

    One door came to a soft shut, and then after it, another closed, just a bit rougher... It was then that Roku made his move...

    ... back into his bed.

    Without hesitation, the male had crawled back within his sheets after assuring that the former guards had headed off to bed.

    Because of his association with Gill, most had assumed Roku to be the responsible type -- even his naive mannequin friend thought only highly of Roku, as a very bright, very mature individual who never backed down on his word; however, this simply wasn't the case. More times than not, Roku began projects that he couldn't finish -- he took on other favors he knew he wouldn't complete -- he made promises that he just couldn't keep. This, in combination with his preference of remaining alive and his severe lack of sleep, made the idea of collapsing into a deep slumber once more so much more appealing.

    Besides, it was morning -- surely, somebody would be awake soon -- they could take his place...

    And surely, as the male's head sunk further within his pillow, his assumption had reigned true -- in the courtyard, surrounded by the tattered roses and the puddles of precipitation, stood a blonde child, sheltered by nothing more than a soft gray umbrella.

    Her eyes were as wet as the pavement that surrounded her, and quickly, both her dress and her frail, white dress, were left in the same condition. She had woken up, and without hesitation, slipped into the only clean dress that she had with her -- the one she had brought for the ceremony, a simple, but elogant piece -- and headed into the courtyard... The rain didn't scare her away, the thunder didn't bother her in the slightest; even the presence of a murderer, who had already taken the lives of three, possibly four of her friends... didn't shake off the immense guilt that plagued her.

    Hachi... had absolutely no trouble getting any sleep the night before... and it had killed her inside.

    Her heart wrenched and twisted inside of her as she stared, from a distance (something she had come into a habit of doing quite often), at the fated fence across from where she stood... The body was gone -- it had been removed by Kasui and a few of the other men, but... remnants of Ichiro remained. His blood stained the concrete below... strings of tissue were left on the sharp point...

    Immediately, her hands balled up into fists at hot tears stung at the corners of her eyes.

    What right did she have to cry!? If she had been awake, if she hadn't run off like a coward, if she had stuck up for him and spoke her mind...! She bit down at her lower lip, remembering to tighten her grip on the umbrella as she felt her hands shaking and weakening...

    It was all... becoming so hard for her to bear.

    She found that now... she was alone. Without Ichiro... she was alone. Surely, there were many who remained whom she called a friend, but... Ichiro... she had known him for so long...! He had always been there for her, regardless of her antics, regardless of all of the stupid, immature things she had always done to both him, herself and those she cared about... Now that he was gone, who did she have...?


    Immediately, her mind landed upon the image of the purple-haired male, who, at this point, was likely staying at an island back on the coast with his mother and the male resident of Kinpa. When the storm cleared... she always had Deon to cry to... Together, they could cry over the loss of their dearest friend, Ichiro...

    But until then... who did she have?

    Momentarily, her honied hues lost their light, and momentarily, the femme lost herself. The only thing her eyes caught... was the dark maroon shades left on the ground. Her loose hair, along with her frilled dress, moved in unison with both the wind and the droplets of rain. The dress she had been wearing... Ichiro had helped her pick it out... just... for the ranking.

    "Ichiroooooooo, I don't wanna dress up!! Geez, it's not like we live in the 1800s or anything!!!"

    "Come on Hachi, it's only for one night... Here, let's try this, hmm? It's simple, but it'll do..."

    His words.... even after all that time, they rang so clearly within her head... She had protested so much -- it just wasn't her style, the big, fancy dresses that the older women tended to parade around in each year... She was still a kid, she shouldn't have had to worry about that kind of stuff...! But, Ichiro, as agreeable as he always was, had insisted on a compromise...

    Where would she be... without him?

    "You... you're a bright one, aren't you?"

    From overhead, the girl had been able to make out a voice amongst the noise of the shuffling leaves and wind. For a moment, she had felt her heart begin to race, but... upon glancing in all directions, not a single source could be found.

    Shaking her head, the girl laughed a bit to herself, her smile dejected. "Ahaha, what, am I hearing things now...?"

    "This mystery... you've already solved it, haven't you?"

    Again, the voice had rang throughout her temples, and this time, the girl turned about a bit more frantically. The voice... it was one that was oddly familiar to her... One that was very rough, very strange, but in an odd sense... also very soothing... The way she had heard it... it overpowered the sounds of the rain and the thunder, and left an echoing impression, as if it existed within her mind and her mind alone...

    Finally, her eyes landed upon what she had assumed to be the voice's source -- a large, majestic oak tree, with green leaves shining brightly against the charcoal-tinted sky. The girl's head had to cock upwards to even look at it properly, it's height a much greater number than her own... Her eyes half-lidded, she spoke softly. "You...?"

    "Me? What, are you surprised?"

    At that point, Hachi was entirely sure that she was hearing things -- while she had heard stories of a singing tree, an UTAU nonetheless, the fact that it had been standing before her, speaking for the first time without so much as a hint of it's presence before... it was insane. She shook her head, turning her back to the object, figuring that likely, the rain was giving her a cold and it was getting to her... however, it's words... they began to sting.

    "The murderer... you have an idea of who it is, don't you? You know exactly who killed Ichiro... don't you?"

    Hachi stood with her back turned to the tree, torn as to whether or not she should give it an answer or not... However, it was eating at her, and slowly, the words passed through her lips. "What... makes you think that? I don't know anything."

    "You've been thinking about it all morning, dearest Hachibee," It paused, if only for the added tension. "Your suspect... they have no alibi, they have reasonable motives... why don't you act on it?"

    "It... it's only a guess..." The girl turned slightly, her eyes downcast as she rubbed her left arm with her right hand. It was true -- the entire mind she had been awake, her brain had been buzzing around one name and one name alone... They had every reason in the world to kill each and every one of the named victims, and for each crime, they had no clear alibi that she could see... but...

    "So what are you waiting for? Why don't you kill them?"

    Immediately, the blonde's eyes had widened, her grasp on her arm tightening. "K... Kill them!? Are you crazy!? I... I have no proof!!"

    "What, do you intend to just let the insanity ensue? How many more bodies need to drop before you realize just how right you are...?"

    Hachi shook her head, her blonde strands shaking with her. "I... I can't do it! Shut up, just shut up, what are you saying!?! They're my friend, I can't just...!"

    "Your friend? Aren't they all your friends?" Hachi's stomach dropped immediately, as if she had predicted the object's words directly before it had said them.

    "Ichiro... he was your friend too, wasn't he?"

    The tears that she had been holding back... at that point, could not be held back any longer.

    "Ah, Hachi-chan...! Were you were outside...!? You're going to get sick, hurry, go get dried off!!"

    The amount of time the girl had spent outside was a number that had escaped her -- it apparently, however, had been enough time for activity to pick up within the home once more. Upon her return, the lights in both the den and the kitchen had been switched on, the fireplace allowing it's enchanting scent to fill the home once more, and inside, the blue-haired tsundere, the auburn PC, along with the childish mannequin, had all gathered on the floor, surrounded by boxes of games and toys they had all pulled out from the various shelves and cupboards within the room. Tilting her head, Hachi's interest piqued slightly. "What's going on...?"

    "Uu!" The mannequin grinned, waving the pieces of a model dinosaur she had found around. "Aiko-san said we should surprise everybody by making breakfast and setting up a few games no da~" Aiko nodded a bit, her smile a bit more held back than the clueless robot's. "We... really need to lighten up a bit around here." Shaking her head, however, she placed her hands on her hips, her smile quickly replaced with a very bossy pout. "But that's not important right now! You, upstairs, now! Get dried off but try not to wake anybody up, alright?"

    Hachi wasn't sure if she had found the woman's bossiness and maternal attitude, regardless of her younger age, humourous... or offensive, but she figured at that point that she was too lost in thought to care. Turning her back from the girls in the den, her thoughts lingered back towards what the tree had said to her -- or rather, what she had been thinking on... Would she... could she bring up the strength, the courage... to kill?

    Selen was dead. Ichiro was dead. Ganari was dead. Who would be next? The idea of losing anybody else was... painful to the blonde, but what was more painful was that before her, she had a choice, one that would either save nearly twenty other people... or destroy the life an innocent person. But... just how innocent was her suspect? Each time she thought of their grinning, cackling face shoving poor Selen into that mirror... each time she thought of one of her best friends being shoved to a horrible, gruesome fate... each time she imagined her suspect holding that gun and ruthlessly taking the life of an obnoxious, but innocent man...

    The urge became harder and harder to resist.

    Within the first floor's bathroom, the girl had found a towel just big enough to take care of the mess of hair atop her head... She figured that her clothes would need to air dry, as there was not much she could do about it with a mere towel. If she were to kill her suspect... how would she do it? How could she do it... without being caught...? Unless she had definite proof, there was no way that she could go through with it and run it off as justified...

    Just as the urge had become harder to resist, quickly... her morals began to fade away.

    What proof did she need? If the murders stopped after they were dead, that was all they needed to prove anything! As long as she could protect everybody else, their life meant nothing to her! They... had killed so many already... They had killed Ichiro... To Hachi, there was no point in letting them live anymore.

    Yes... she would kill them. She would definitely, without a doubt, kill them, and protect the rest of her friends... She would bring the horrible person who had so cruelly taken away her beloveds a fate much worse than the ones they had delivered...

    ... but how?


    Upon returning to the den, she had found it empty, her voice ringing out with no return other than the falling rain. The boxes of games and toys had been left spread about as they had been when the girls had all been gathered together... Taking a few steps inside, she examined all of the things they had pulled out, finding both their choices to be very interesting. All of them had been games that she, Ichiro, Deon and Mathieu had played together before... Clearly, she could remember Mathieu being the only one who appeared to get worked up after losing, while Ichiro and Deon brushed it off so maturely... She herself would always pout a bit, and if all else failed, she'd flip the gameboard or something... No matter what the outcome was, the group had always managed to have a good time, no matter what...

    There was one box that the girl hadn't recognized, however -- the box that the mannequin had been holding. A model dinosaur? It seemed so... childish for her Deon. A part of her was a little irked with herself for not knowing it had existed earlier, but moreso, she was curious as to why it had been purchased in the first place... Peering inside of the box, she pulled out a large, foldable piece of paper, likely the instructions on how to put it together... Along with it, the girl removed pieces of the model, which had been stuck together in sheets so that they would fit within the box... and at the very bottom a thin, oblong shape rolled about. Unable to grasp it with her fingers, the girl had tipped the box over, allowing the object to fall onto the maroon carpeting.

    In front of her... lied box cutter.

    Both the girl's movements and her heart had stopped noticeably upon recognizing it... and very slowly, as if it would jump up and slice her into pieces if she moved too quickly, she grasped it between her index and her middle finger. It was a small weapon, certainly nothing that most would see as deadly... But as she held it within her hands, her thoughts became darker and darker. Really, the blade was sharp enough to end a life with one swift slit of the throat... Surely, a few whacks at the limbs of a person would cause quite a bit of collateral damage... And surely, it would have absolutely no problem gouging a person's eyeballs...

    A part of her felt guilty for even thinking such things, but a part of her... longed for the blood of the murderer, the blood of the person who had so heartlessly taken away her Ichiro... to stain her own hands.

    "W... Wahhh!" Upon realizing the true nature of her thoughts, Hachi's grasp loosened on the blade, and she was quick to toss it across the room, the plastic of the handle clacking slightly against the off-white walls. S... She couldn't kill anybody, even if they had killed Ichiro and the others! She... she was so small, and she didn't have the guts to do it! She was absolutely sure that if she saw any sign of blood, she'd faint...!

    But... she wanted to protect the others. More than anything... she wanted to make sure... that not another life was lost.

    Her breathing became heavy, and slowly, on her hands and knees, the girl crawled over to the opposite end of the room, where the knife had landed. On her way, however, her hand had landed atop a circular, barrel shaped game board. Feeling a stinging pain ring through her palm, she knocked the foreign object over in her attempt to remove herself from it, and instantly, the head of a small, eyepatched man popped out from a concealed hole on top. Pausing, she glanced down at the contraption, and while it had taken her a second, she had definitely recognized the game -- Pop Up Pirate, or... something along those lines... The object of the game had been to remove as many swords from the barrel as possible before the pirate head flew out, ending the game -- whoever had removed the sword that triggered the head's release was the loser. It was a game they had all played with a lot in their younger days -- but Hachi, ever the prankster, had rigged it so that every time, she would know exactly how many turns it would take for the head to pop out, thus, they had stopped playing with it and had moved on to bigger and better games...

    Slowly, her hands rose to the sides of her head. This... this was it, wasn't it? Her eyes were wide, a nervous smile widening on lips.

    This... was her chance.

    Grabbing a hold of the box cutter, without any sort of problem or hassle, she was quickly able to remove the blade...

    ... and inside, in the position where the pirate's head was supposed to be latched in place... she placed the blade.

    Grinning, her hands began to shake as she replaced both the lid and the colorful sword pieces within the barrel. In exactly ten turns, the blade would shoot up, lodging it's self deep within the forehead of the player... All she would have to do was ensure that the order would lead her suspect to pulling it out on the tenth turn...! Glancing down at the remaining pirate head, which no longer had any place that it belonged, she quickly tossed it into the raging fire behind her, then returned to the game, where her final adjustments would be made...

    "Hey, Hachi, whatcha got there?"

    The blonde had nearly jumped a foot in the air upon hearing the deeper voice of a certain Mokkene Karen, who, upon spinning around, Hachi had noted had returned with the other girls.

    "A-Ah, you're back! Where'd you go...?" The blonde had asked as innocently as she could manage, her voice cracking a bit.

    "Karen-brat here was trying to find something for breakfast~ Not that I'd eat anything she cooked up." Vista chimed a bit cattily, though playfully -- the pony-tailed blonde nudged at her shoulder with a pout in response.

    "Oh, is that game all set up?" Aiko blinked a few times at the object within Hachi's hands, then immediately brought herself into an Indian sitting position on the floor, grinning up at the others. "Come on, let's play already, I'm so bored!"

    "A-A-A-Ahh, w-wait, d-d-don't you think we s-should wait for the others to wake u-up before we p-play anything...?" Hachi's hands waved in front of her body frantically, her eyes widening a bit, but nonetheless, she forced a nervous, polite smile.

    "The others aren't going to be up for hours!" The PC complained, sitting next to the blue-haired femme and frowning. "Here, I'll go first!"

    The Makune twitched noticeably as the first of ten blades were removed.

    "Uu, uu, I wanna play too no da!!" Scuttling to her knees, the mannequin removed yet another blade, and frantically, Hachi clung to her arm.

    "W-Wait, stop, I reallllly t-think we should wait for the others--"

    "Aw, lighten up brat!" With a smack to the panicked girl's back, Karen leaned forward, removing yet another one of the blades.

    "We'll just set it up again before everybody else gets down here, it's no big deal." Aiko nodded, removing the fourth blade.

    "Uu, Hachi-chan, it's your turn no da!"

    The honey-eyed girl merely shook her head, appearing frightened -- it wasn't as if she could say as to why she really wanted them to stop... if they knew what she had done, they would think that she was the murderer...! But... she had to stop them somehow...!!!

    "Ya snooze ya lose, kid!" Removing the fifth blade, Karen grinned widely, feeling confident that the game was a shoo-in for her.

    "Karen, that's not fair, you just went!! Cheater, cheater!!" Vista pouted, her magenta lips curled into a deep frown as she slammed her fists onto the carpeted ground in the midst of a mini tantrum.

    "Quit yer whinin' and just go already, geez!"

    One by one, the blades were removed, and with each number closing in to the final projectile, Hachi released a louder squeak. The corners of her eyes began to sting, her heart was racing, and more than anything, the girl wished that for once, her sabotage skills would fail her and the blade would miss...

    But... it did anything but miss.

    "Nervous, Karen? I'd be if I were--" Removing the tenth blade was a move assigned to the auburn PC, and thus, when she had reached for one of the remaining blades with her gloved hand, the hatch atop the game had flung open. However, instead of the large, oversized, goofy looking pirate head revealing it's self and ending the game...

    ... the blade of the very sharp box cutter had shot up, lodging it's self between the space directly above the woman's bridge of her nose.

    "... y... ou..."

    Her mouth had twitched the final word of her sentence, and momentarily, the smiles of all of the games participants had remained well on their faces. However, by the time the girl's body had fallen backward, the blood slowly dripping from the puncture wound and her eyes glazing over, a surge of panic had overcome the remaining girls... save for the mannequin, who merely stared at the PC, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

    "Uu, Vista-chan, you've got warm dripping from your forehead no da!"

    Hachi's body had flung backwards, her head tightly held within the grasp of her hands. Her back pressed firmly against the farthest wall she could bring herself to, her eyes grew wide, and hot tears streamed past her reddened cheeks. It... she... Vista... was her friend! She... had killed one of her good friends...!!!

    Shaking, Karen had jumped to a standing position, grabbing the fire prodder from it's holder and pointing it's sharp edge toward the blue-haired femme with a frightened, but confident laugh. "A... Ahahaha! I knew it! I knew you were the murderer!! W... Why didn't I say anything earlier, I'm so stupid, ahahahahaha!!!"

    "W... What!?!" Aiko's eyes, too, began to widen, as she backed away from the femme with shaking limbs. "K... Karen, calm down, you're not thinking straight--"

    "It's so fuckin' obvious!!" Karen laughed, her chuckles sounding more nervous than anything. "You just couldn't stand us newer UTAU taking in some of your precious spotlight, could you!?! You just HAD to take out any and all yodeling competition!!" Aiko's eyebrows furrowed, and she shook her head wildly -- what would have ever led her to believe that...!?

    "Well it ends here, Kikyuune!! Ya ain't takin' me down, ya ain't takin' Hachi down, ya ain't takin' Hayari down -- you're DONE, damn it!!!" Quickly, the femme rushed forward, lifting her arms in an attempt to bring the sharp, iron bar down onto the blue-haired femme's head, but she, too, didn't appear to want to go so easily. Rolling to the side, she stumbled into a standing position, leaning against the wall near the fireplace. "K-K-Karen, WAIT, I'm telling you it wasn't--" Karen's assault didn't seem to have any plans of stopping, as yet again, the blue-haired femme was charged at, this time, only barely escaping the blonde's blow.

    "Uu, new game, new game nano da!" Hayari only smiled, watching the angry, frightened expressions of the others within the room. "I wanna play too, I wanna--"

    "Shut UP!" Unable to handle the mannequin's stupidity, Aiko had delivered a blow to the girl's face, causing her to fall backwards. Her eyes looked hurt, but the mannequin's experience to pain varied a bit from a human's experience, so she merely remained on the floor until instructed to do otherwise to avoid a similar blow.

    "You know Karen, I think you're probably the most suspicious of all!" Aiko's eyes were locked into a burning glare, which had caused Karen to laugh amiably.

    "Oh, and what makes you say that?!"

    "You were the first one awake!" Aiko's facial expression now met that of the twisted blonde's, her logic unflawed. "You were the only one who had any time to set anything like this up! I've been with you, Vista and Hayari all morning!"

    "How do I know you weren't up before me?! I don't!!" The blonde's words were practically incoherent screaming at this point as she tried to take another jab at the blue-haired femme, who quickly dodged. "I don't even have a motive! Just yodeling FESS UP ALREADY!!"

    This time, her swing had dealt quite the blow to the taller girl's side, creating a loud smacking noise amongst the chaos. Immediately, Aiko fell to her knees, clutching the area and releasing a few coughs, before shooting a venomous stare in the direction of the two-faced brat... Without so much as a second thought, her hand reached out for the blade that had been forced between Vista's eyes and quickly, she slid it from it's wound, tossing it in the direction of her assaulter... and piercing her arm.

    Karen had released a pained groan, staggering back and dropping her weapon, clutching the throbbing pain within her upper arm. "Y... You little ... doggy-woggie-poo..." Sliding the blade from her skin with a noticeable wince, she tossed it into the flame, where her opponent would no longer be able to reach it, and grabbed at her weapon once more. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

    Hachi's face, stained with tears and riddled with fear, was distorted beyond all normal measurements of fear. No longer did she feel the regret of her hasty decision, no longer did she feel the sadness for the loss of her friends and allies -- now, the only feeling that resided within her was the sheer desire for remaining alive. Sobbing, she clung to the wall behind her as if it were her only lifeline, and, as the girls went at it, she inched herself along until she had reached the doorway... At that point, she did nothing but run and cry, not wanting to ever look back at the mess she had made...

    "Nnng!" The two-faced femme had fallen to the floor after having her ankles kicked at by the taller XYZloid, and quickly, Aiko brought her body on top of her opponent's, pinning her down with a hold on her neck. "FESS UP ALREADY, JUST GIVE UP, YOU'RE THE MURDERER, ADMIT IT!"

    Karen struggled noticeably, clutching the wrought iron bar in her hand as her breath became more and more limited. "Nnnn... ah..." She coughed, unable to say anything as the blue-haired femme's grasp on her throat began to cut off her airway. Her body was weakening quickly, and already, she felt her conciousness slipping away... but she wouldn't give up so easily! Aiko was the murderer, and if she gave up, surely, she'd pin it all on her...! Slowly, Karen lifted the fire prodder sharp point towards her... and in one foul swoop...

    ... the sharp end was thrust through the balloon-lover's abdomen.

    Releasing a high pitched scream, Aiko's head cocked backward a bit, and her grasp on Karen's neck loosened just a bit... though not entirely. With her pause, Aiko immediately understood... that after a blow like that...

    ... she was going to die.

    But... like the blonde before her, she had absolutely no intentions of giving up...

    And so, with the last bits of her strength...

    She lifted the blonde girl's head... and began slamming it into the fire place behind them.

    The scent of burning hair quickly began to overpower the rich chestnut scent that the fireplace was known for giving off as Karen's fair curls began to sizzle. Shrieking, Karen began to struggle wildly, her limbs flailing, all while blood began to drip from Aiko's mouth and quickly, it became apparent that she was running out of energy. However, she kept on, her resolve quite clear -- up and down, she continued to smack the blonde's head against the wood of the fireplace, allowing the flames to consume her, all until she had heard a sickening piercing sound.

    It was at that point that she knew... that her endeavors were successful...

    ... and with that in mind, she gave up.

    Her grip on both her rival's neck and on the remaining sands of life that she had left... was loosened.

    Quickly... the room grew quiet.

    Upon hearing a lack of voices, the mannequin lifted herself from the position on the floor, her smile wide, and her eyes glimmering with curiosity.

    The room was stained with blood, both in scent and in color, but the mannequin didn't see it as such -- rather, she saw the blood as warm, a feeling that everybody loved to experience, according to the very warm Karen, who's head had rolled out of the fireplace, charred and covered in the sticky red substance.

    "W... What's going on!?!" The voice of the green-haired chef echoed throughout Kinpa, his eyes wide upon hearing all of the noise downstairs -- behind him stood many of the others who had been woken up by all of the noise...

    ... and upon entering the den, all that could be seen was the gray-skinned femme amongst all of the bodies with a wide grin on her face, her eyes sparkling.

    "Uu, let's play again nano da!"

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