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    UTAUloid or Project: Azure
    Status: Done. Working on Engrish xD

    Azure Hottogia Empty Azure Hottogia

    Post by AlphaAzure on Sat Jun 26, 2010 7:56 pm

    Name: Azure Hottogia
    Voicer: Me. Kailee.
    UTAU Project/Group: ?
    WIP or Complete? Playing with her english voicebank. ...So I guess WIP.
    Gender: Female
    Age and/or Debut Date: 14. Debut 6/25/10
    Height: 144.78CM (4"9)
    Weight: 39.9kg (88lbs)
    Character Item: White Piglet.
    Relationships: None, but I enjoy pairings of random ;D

    Brief Physical Description: ... 8|...
    Azure Hottogia Generic_stage_is_generic_by_KaiDraws
    Personality: Shy, kept to self, wants friends, lonely. She lost her family at a young age. Never liked new schools. Or new grades. Or new people.

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