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    WIP art for *Hello, Planet


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    WIP art for *Hello, Planet Empty WIP art for *Hello, Planet

    Post by Tsumanne Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:32 am

    WIP art for *Hello, Planet Hello_Planet_WIP_by_hideki782
    OTL It took me something like ten mins to draw the lines. Then about longer to come up with a good censor thing so nobody steals my lineart xD

    It's for Naoto Otona's cover of *Hello, Planet. The person in the background is my generic Anon NPC stand-in, otherwise known as Sir Osis of the Liver. (Yes, I did steal that line from Looney Tunes xD **SHOT**) No, I'll just call him Anon-kun.

    The red Kii head is a Kii Yukkuri. I call it Yukkii.

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