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    what happens under the Doson roof stays under the Doson roof

    Alice Human Sacifice
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    what happens under the Doson roof stays under the Doson roof Empty what happens under the Doson roof stays under the Doson roof

    Post by Alice Human Sacifice Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:05 pm

    Chapter 1

    "Shu-kun its time to get up" Arisu yelled at him from the bottom of the stairs.
    "I dont wanna go to the studio,I'm not interested in singing" Shuya always wanted to be a model but wasnt
    allowed to have a go til he was 16 under his sister's rules,they were very strict since she had taken over
    the house when there parents died,the only way
    his sis would let him be a model was if he took up singing. Shuya walked down the stairs

    Arisu's face looked like thunder "no modeling unless you sing with me,that's how Len and Rin Kagamine got famous,
    by singing with a sibling and you have such a lovely deep voice that perfectly compliments my own sweet voice" Arisu demurely replied ,she put on the best
    puppy dog eyes that made any dog jealous,this trick always got him and made him feel guilty

    "Ok ok I'll go to the studio as long as we can stop of at vocaloid modeling agency afterwards,I want to sign
    up as soon as possible" Shuya loved his sis dearly since even though she was older he had looked after her since
    she was so clumsy,they made a great team he had to admit,shuya looked at his sis,she was beautiful,he
    always thought that,she looked smaller somehow,"sis have I gotten taller cuz your looking shorter"
    he asked

    "A little bit but you got to remember,im not wearing my roller skates so i am abit shorter than usual any way
    hurry up and get your shoes on since i want to get to UTAU studios to record some more songs"Arisu was always to the point,Shuya could tell Arisu had been anticipating
    this for a while,specially since UTAU studios
    were always packed and it was hard to get a recording slot,everyone new that. shuya got his shoes on and found his skate board as Arisu put on her rollar skates and got up.

    "oh c*ap im going to fall" Arisu fell over spectacularly with a huge crash,Shuya quickly helped her up and told her off "why do you continue wearing those skates even though you fall over constantly"this type of thing happened all the time at their house.

    "I wear them because they are cool not like its any of your bussiness Mr serious pants,I remember when you cried
    when you fell off your skate board the first time,you also pissed yourself cuz you couldnt see me when it happend,still makes me laugh to this day" Arisu new all the dirt on him like he new all the dirt her,between
    the two of them no one could get the upper hand
    "shouldn't we be going now or do you want to miss are slot"
    "oh c*ap with should go"Arisu grabbed Shuya by the arm and started dragging him towards the door,as soon as they got out she let go and skated off in front of him
    while wobbling quite abit,shuya got on to his skate board and caught up,the journey was unadventurous,
    the two of them skated on past the huge statue of the vocaloids,the train station,the several different sweet shops.all the way to the other side of town which housed all the spotlight industries, they stopped at the UTAU studios which was run by Teto Kasane.Arisu sat on a bench and changed her shoes over and got up.

    Shuya was nervous,he never sang professionly before,he had done it at several competitions when her was younger but he never won any of them well that wasn't true he had won one but after that he gave up on singing until Arisu had bullied him into it to help her career.
    Teto came in wearing glasses and a business suit.
    "so I see you brought your little brother along this time Arisu, pleased to meet you ?" Teto asked as she held out her hand to shake his"Its Shuya" he answered as he shook Teto's hand.
    "pleased to meet you Shuya now what songs do you want to record today,last time Arisu you sung love is war and Black rock shooter some of are most popular songs"
    "we would like to sing canterella and maybe adolesence,for songs by myself i would love to sing melt and I'm not sure what Shu-kun wants to sing"
    "I would like to sing world is mine since its the only song I really know" Shuya didnt pay much attention about the vocaloid's but he new of them and some of their songs.

    "good choice Shuya,now lets get down to business since we are very busy and I'm booked up all month" Teto sighed "I sometimes wished I hadnt gone into the business,but life's to short and this pays good money" Teto smiled and took off her glasses,"Neru can you bring me is some bread in I'm starving"
    Akita neru walked in holding a plate,she wore a apron over her normal clothes,she was texting while walking and not paying attention,she managed to negotiate
    deftly around all the obstacles in her way,she got to Teto and dropped the plate full of bread onto the table and walked out still on her phone.

    "sorry about her she's my personal assistant and can be quite rude but she gets the job done" Teto apoligised
    "Its ok,everyone can be rude at times,may we start the recording now" replied Arisu

    several hours later they were done at UTAU studio's "may we go to vocaloid modeling agency now,i want to at least apply,ok sis"
    "ok Shu-kun we will go now and when we are done,we will go to rock n shake for a milkshake,kay little bro?"
    "fine,you know I love you sis"
    "I love you to Shuya,I will always love you since you are my little bro"
    "sis can you stay in your street shoes,cuz I just want to walk leisurley to rock n shake,I'll go to the modeling agency tomorrow"
    "fine by me Shu-kun" Arisu grabbed shuya's arm and held on to him,"can we walk like this for abit"
    Shuya held her arm back and they both walked off into the sunset

    please comment there will be more to come^^

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    what happens under the Doson roof stays under the Doson roof Empty Re: what happens under the Doson roof stays under the Doson roof

    Post by Mikaheru-kun Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:57 pm

    I like OWO

    Continue like that !

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