Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit


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    Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit Empty Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit

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    Name:Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ

    Voicer: Rayshia
    UTAU Project/Group: N/A
    WIP or Complete?: WIP
    Gender: Male
    Age and/or Debut Date:18, not debuted yet
    Height: Roughly 5'6"
    Weight: Unknown
    Character Item: Cup Noodles and a giant drill
    aGi-9 Mayu – Love Interest
    Yasashiikoe Emiko - Acquaintence (Friend)

    Brief Physical Description: Grey-brown hair, lanky, dark green eyes and glasses. (Serve as REVENGE mode warning) Color scheme is green, grey and brown.


    FUKUSHYUNE IMAZA, the UNSTABLELOID unit, has several mode settings that can automatically interchange at any given time, though there is a process to manually access them. Default setting is APATHY.

    APATHY mode:

    When you first meet Imaza, he will be most likely be in APATHY mode, and will not acknowledge your existence unless you touch him and/or his belongings, in response to which he shall become annoyed and yell at you to buzz off, or that everything in his room is in it's perfect position. Do not be worried if the UNSTABLELOID is eccentric in this "Don't touch me or my stuff!" manner no matter what mode he is in: this is a consistent characteristic of the UNSTABLELOID unit that cannot be purged or changed.

    TOLERANCE mode:

    Once you pester the UNSTABLELOID unit enough in his APATHY mode, then he will begin to adapt to your presence and enter TOLERANCE mode, sometimes maybe even chatting to you a bit while he is working. Note that the UNSTABLELOID unit is blunt, completely tactless, and always whines, complains, nags and yells at people when he does open his mouth. Note that in most modes, FUKUSHYUNE IMAZA will never ever compliment someone except himself unless he really completely adores that person or there is something wrong with him. (E.g. Severe intoxication, head trauma, depression) He will be even less likely to ever thank you, show manners to you or, heaven forbid, apologize to you. However, if the FUKUSHYUNE IMAZA unit has been in the TOLERANCE mode towards for more than 2 months, then you may be considered his equivalent of a friend to him if he talks to you while he works. He is also an information hoarder in this mode, always asking questions, mostly on human nature and philosophy.


    In his TOLERANCE mode, the UNSTABLELOID unit is capable of becoming attached to you, most likely only by friendship, as he has no interest in romance whatsoever. However, if the UNSTABLELOID does, miraculously, become romantically attached to you, he will enter TSUNDERE/SWEET mode, a very difficult mode to access. In this mode, the UNSTABLELOID unit will compliment you slightly from time to time, though usually hiding it in his usual sarcasm and insults. He will begin to make excuses to be near you, and deny any charges that he 'likes' anyone, subsequently reacting by grabbing the first solid object within reach and throwing it at the person making the accusation, even if it is you. In the later stages of the TSUNDERE/SWEET mode, he will sometimes I've you random little things that he says he doesn't need any more as gifts, or occasionally ask you to go out and do an errand with him or something. While some may like the UNSTABLELOID unit best in this mode, thinking that it is cute, it is also a very risky mode. FUKUSHYUNE IMAZA is called the UNSTABLELOID unit for a reason.

    REVENGE mode:

    If anyone ever hurts the UNSTABLELOID unit severely, emotionally or physically (E.g. Breaking his heart, putting him in a car accident, betraying him) while he is in TSUNDERE/SWEET mode, then he will enter REVENGE mode. Once entering this mode, FUSKSHYUNE IMAZA will become sadistic and cruel. If you are the person who has hurt him, he will despise any happiness you have, and aim to take away everything that is precious to you. in REVENGE mode, the UNSTABLELOID will use any means to make sure you suffer, as long as he doesn't get caught. He will be smooth and slick, gaining your trust, before trapping you. He will often bring his victims to a decrepit, abandoned place where he can keep them trapped there and no-one can hear their screams. Once you're trapped there, he will proceed to mentally and verbally abuse you, sometimes even physically as well. He will wither away at your metal state, though not too much, as he wants to hear your screams and begging, so sometimes he will give you a bit of hope, before crushing in right in front of you. This kind of torture might go on for a week or two before he finally finishes you off. REVENGE mode should not be accessed EVER at ALL COSTS.

    Other modes:


    FUSKSHYUNE IMAZA is not a social UTAU unit. His love for staying in his room and messing around with mechanics is a trait that transcends most modes. However, sometimes the UNSTABLELOID unit becomes completely focused on a project to the point of obsession, and will refuse to come out for anything, even for meals or bathroom breaks. He will lock himself in his room for up to five days on end. Not sleeping at all. When the UNSTABLELOID enters this mode, it is best to just leave him alone and let him eat whatever he wants and hog the toilet when he does come out. Do not worry about the UNSTABLELOID unit suffering from dehydration or malnutrition during this mode, for he is a robot, and therefore not affected by said ailments. However, he have the capability of eating and drinking (though these are not necessary) and as a result, must rid himself of processed waste every now and then. (Thus the hogging of the toilet) Note that the UNSTABLELOID unit never reveals what he is obsessed with during his bouts of FOCUS/OBSESSION mode.

    RAGE mode:

    Not as severe as REVENGE mode, but a mode that might want to be avoided as well. When the UNSTABLELOID unit's annoyance level gets to a certain point, he will snap and enter RAGE mode. In this mode he will storm around the house and pick fights with anyone about nearly anything, or just start throwing random solids at the object of his annoyance. While it might be comical, all is in good spirit until he gets out his giant drill. If he does, then... Shoot, RUN!

    LONELY mode:

    At random times, the FUKUSHYUNE IMAZA unit will enter LONELY mode for periods of time ranging from one to three days. This is when the UNSTABLELOID unit is at its most vulnerable, emotionally, mentally and physically. When this mode is activated, then one of two things will happen. The first possibility is that the UNSTABLELOID unit will become like a shell of his normal self, emotionless, will less, and mostly staying in his room staring out a window or something except to come out for necessities. (E.g. Bathroom, prepare a bowl of cup ramen). The second possibility is that the UNSTABLELOID unit will seem depressed and angry, picking fights with anyone over the smallest details, and crying when he thinks no-one sees him, basically acting like a PMS-ing girl whose boyfriend has broken up with her. Whatever you do, do not attempt to rouse the UNSTABLELOID unit into RAGE mode, because it will not only not work, after LONELY mode has ended, he will enter REVENGE mode against you. The best thing to do when the FUKUSHYUNE IMAZA unit enters this mode is to leave him or alone, though a person who is very dear to him may be able to console him. LONELY mode is very rarely ever accessed.

    HAZARD mode:

    HAZARD mode is when the UNSTABLELOID unit loses control of his modes, and reverts back to the way he was as a prototype in ATRON labs, randomly switching and flickering through modes at rapid speeds. When accessing this mode, the UNSTABLELOID unit is very unpredictable and possibly dangerous. Courses of action could widely vary. This is a mode that has only been accessed twice, so very little information is known about it.

    LOVE mode:

    Mode shown only in the presence of aGi-9 Mayu. Created as a result of interaction with her. Information regarding this mode is currently being researched. Some findings include that the UNSTABLELOID unit tends to be protective of the object of his affection and is capable of being polite, complimenting and helping the OoI (Object of Interest) when the situation calls for it. He is much more sociable in this mode, and will wait until the OoI is not in the immediate area before commiting any acts of violence if he finds someone he hates. May show some slight signs of Tsundere archetype as well, as in LOVE mode, he will deny being embarrassed or having romantic ties to the OoI even if it is painfully obvious. Similar to TSUNDERE/SWEET, but on a deeper level and not as dangerous as REVENGE mode is not as easily triggered.

    Consistent traits:

    Love for mechanics and robotics
    Likes staying in his room
    Hates outdoors
    Always complaining, nagging and yelling
    Sarcastic and insulting
    Doesn't like to show weakness (Hides sadness and loneliness)
    Despises sappiness or angst
    Disdain for reawakener and UTAUs
    Almost always rushing



    The UNSTABLELOID unit was found by his reawakener in a garbage dumpster by his reawakener one day, who fixed him up slightly, then reactivated or ‘reawakened’ him. In the first week after being reawakened, the UNSTABLELOID unit nearly killed a pizza delivery man. He may act antisocial sometimes, but it's just because people usually don't like him, so he 'returns the favour', so to speak. He will never let anyone know about his past unless he trusts them completely (or they're about to die), and no-one, not even his reawakener, knows much about his past.

    Since entering the UTAu community, FUKUSHYUNE IMAZA has become more social and will sometimes enter TOLERANCE mode upon meeting a person if another close acquaintance is in the vicinity as well, a sign of becoming more social. He has also exhibited the ability develop new modes upon influence from others. (See LOVE mode) The UNSTABLELOID unit has also taken up a habit of referring to his reawakened as 'the hobo'.

    Voicebank Link: N/A
    Wikia Entry Link:N/A

    Voice Samples: N/A

    Character Art N/A

    Extra Note: Upon being reawakened, the FUKUSHYUNE IMAZA unit does not seem to be able to function without at least one bowl of cup ramen per seven days. Any less and he will enter HAZARD mode.

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    Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit Empty Re: Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit

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    Yay, he's back up 8D My spoiler-tag suggestion still stands though xD

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    Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit Empty Re: Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit

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    Spoiler-ing done. =D Thanks for th suggestion.

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    Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit Empty Re: Fukushyune Imaza 復讐音イマザ - The UNSTABLELOID unit

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