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    Life is Like a Boat - Debut of Bokene


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    Life is Like a Boat - Debut of Bokene Empty Life is Like a Boat - Debut of Bokene

    Post by dokune Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:37 pm

    Bokene (c) Skeyi.

    .ust (c) UtauXYZ
    Original song by Rie Fu.

    The debut of the second Skeyiloid, Bokene.
    An easy voicebank for beginners. No oto.ini however, although ACT2 will have them. Romaji .wav files.
    Very little editing - it was a really great .ust. I just had to change some sounds (such as "za" to "da" for an equivalent of "the").

    Voicebank download:

    More arts:

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