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    [Bokeneko] SPICE - pitchbent karaoke


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    [Bokeneko] SPICE - pitchbent karaoke Empty [Bokeneko] SPICE - pitchbent karaoke

    Post by dokune Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:45 pm

    Bokene / Bokeneko (c) Skeyi.

    .ust (c) Haloheroine
    Original song by Kagamine Len.

    Genderbend of the second Skeyiloid, Bokene.
    Named Bokeneko (the Kanji for "ko" is "child"), just add the g-10 flag.
    I edited the pitch of the karaoke to get a fast and slightly lighter beat suitable for a girl-ish voice.
    I also changed all the "boku" (masculine/humble way of referring to oneself in Japan) to "watashi" (feminine or polite way of referring to oneself in Japan).
    Nonetheless, the .ust belongs to Haloheroine.

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