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    Late intro: Wafu Morine


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    Late intro: Wafu Morine Empty Late intro: Wafu Morine

    Post by BoAexecute Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:39 am

    Name: Wafu Morine (森音ワフ)

    Voicer: The Waffle King

    UTAU Project/Group: Elemental Vodkaroid

    WIP or Complete? Complete

    Gender: Male

    Age and/or Debut Date: 18 (Debut date forgotten, but to me made up, it is 12/21/

    Height: 160 cm

    Weight: 56 kg

    Character Item: Waffles and trump cards

    ~ Wayu Hyoune (Girlfriend. MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER)
    ~ Spark Enjel (Friend, sung several songs with him)
    ~ Reru Yorune (Little sister figure to Wafu)
    ~ Rai Koune (Little brother figure to Wafu)

    Brief Physical Description:

    He is dechnically described as skinny and thin. His half of his face is severely deformed (Has harlequin type ichthyosis (DO NOT LOOK AT THE REAL THING.)) and has no eye. That side of his face is covered with a anti germ mask (People with that ichthyosis are prone to infections and can die easily.)

    He wears a ash olive jacket, a dark green cape, and a silk hat to make things simple.

    Personality: Quiet, gentle, does not get angry often, but on the other hand he is selfish and child like.


    He did not have a pleasant past; he was sold to a freak show when he was just a day old and was called the child of the satan. There, he killed the master of the freak show and freed the others who were sold. After he escaped, a nice woman gave him a mask to hide his face. Then he became a street child, who begged for money all day. Until ten years later of pain, a young girl (Which was Wayu.) felt sorry for him. Then he knew he can trust her so that point, Wayu and Wafu started their brother and sister relationship, and finally became a romantic relationship. Wayu made a anti germ mask for Wafu, which is the one he wears now. He got his singing voice because he was born a prodigy; he was able to sing like a professional pop singer when he was five. Now, he decided to become a singer along with his girlfriend Wayu.

    Voicebank Link: CLICK ON DOWNLOAD

    Wikia Entry Link: http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/Wafu_Morine

    Voice Samples

    Signature song: Iroha Song

    Character Art Goes to dA page! If U have a dA account, fave plz!

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