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    smeen's short stories


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    smeen's short stories Empty smeen's short stories

    Post by smeen Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:52 am

    Yeah, sometimes I write short UTAU-related stories, and I decided to post them all... Now if only I could find them all... xD Anyway, I have two here. I will track down my PC (and random papers on my room) for all the others...

    'Artificial Intellegence'

    "Mooooooom!" The female scientist nearly choked on her tea when she heard the sudden scream of her android. "What is it, Yuugi?" Yuugi came running to her, with a shocked look on his face. "Is it okay I'm eating?" She nodded. "But, but...", the boy stuttered, looking confused. "Lemme guess, you watched that crazy movie... What's it called? Oh yeah... A.I.", Yuugi's mom muttered, while taking a sip of his tea. "That movie was made ages ago... An artistic view on the future. Not that the future turned out that way..." Yuugi looked confused. "In other words, you won't break when you eat.", she sighed. Yuugi sighed too, but relieved. "Oh, and about the movie's ending...", Yuugi then said, causing his mom to almost choke on her tea again. "I don't want to be a real boy!" Yuugi ran away happily, but his mom looked frustrated. "I swear, when I find out who made him watch that, this person will be dead by Christmas."
    Only Yuugi.

    "Hey, you know what?" Yume and Yoshiya both looked up at Yuugi, who was inspecting his cola while thinking. "I died last night, but where were you guys?" Yume fell silent, looking at Yuugi wide eyed. Yoshiya, however, spazzed. "But you're still here! How come? What happened? Did you defeat the Shinigami?" Yuugi shook his head. "No, I just died... But you guys were nowhere..." Yume was still shocked. "We were busy... with other dead people...", she muttered. "We apologize!", Yoshiya cried out. "We shouldn't leave you alone when you die!" Yuugi nodded. "Dying is serious bussiness, that's what you guys always say." Yoshiya apologized a thousand times, and Yume looked more pale then usual. "So, what now? You're one of us?", she asked Yuugi. "One of us?", Yuugi asked back. "Yeah, like, reaping and such...", Yume muttered. At that moment Yuugi's mom came into the kitchen, giving the three some snacks. "You know, Yuugi's battery died out last night. I bet it's the weather..." She walked away again. Yume and Yoshiya were both looking at Yuugi. Than Yume hit him and Yoshiya shouted: "Never scare me like that again!"
    Yuugi, Yume and Yoshiya.

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