Kagamibi Dokune - Headshot sneak peek


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    Kagamibi Dokune - Headshot sneak peek Empty Kagamibi Dokune - Headshot sneak peek

    Post by dokune on Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:14 pm

    Kagamibi Dokune - Headshot sneak peek Kagamibi_Dokune___Music_Color_by_Skeyi
    Alternate dA link:

    Kagamibi Dokune (c) Skeyi.

    Please wait for Dokune's ACT3☆
    (no worries, she will be clothed.)

    Colored version of

    Oh yes, the Korean says:
    "Please listen to my song."
    My handwriting is unflattering, traditionally and digitally...

    Materials: SAI
    Time: 2 hours?

    Voicebank download:

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