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    UTAUloid or Project: FRAloids (Trisha ,Evan ,Kriss ,Kelly ,Amy ,Lea and Kyle)
    Blog/Website: http://fraloids.1fr1.fr
    Status: Kriss ACT2, Trisha ACT1, Evan ACT1.5 ,Kelly ACT1 ,Amy ACT1 ,Lea ACT1 and Kyle ACT Beta

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    Post by FRAloid0104 on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:09 pm

    Name: Evan Mogioto
    Voicer: Justin feig
    UTAU Project/Group: FRAloid
    WIP or Complete? Act1 Complete
    Age: 20 years old
    Character Item: Ying and Yang pendant
    Relationships: Trisha Miraion(Girlfriend)
    Kriss Futarine (friend)
    Kelly Futarine (friend)

    Brief Physical Description:
    Personality:Evan is funny and inteligent, he like everything about china and japan,
    Voicebank Link:]Download
    Wikia Entry Link: wikia

    Voice samples:

    Art: Evan Mogioto Fraloi11

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