project make permanent voicebank


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    project make permanent voicebank  Empty project make permanent voicebank

    Post by zin on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:30 am

    i dont really want to have genderbends i really want a permanent voicebank. but i cant make my voice sound different unless i use a voice changer

    i was using the male to female settings on here

    i just recorded a e i o u and use the cv to v plugin to test what it whould sound like

    anyone got a voicechanger program thats better

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    project make permanent voicebank  Empty Re: project make permanent voicebank

    Post by Noteloid on Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:58 am

    Hey,you want to make a seperate derivative,such as in VOCALOID?Sorry,UTAU doesn't have the function.But you can make it without flags:
    1.Copy the voicebank into a seperate folder.
    2.Open the sound files in Audacity.
    3.Pitch up or down each syllable.
    4.Delete the .frq files.
    5.Regenerate the .frq files in the voice bank settings.
    6.Change the profile picture and the name in the character.txt.
    7.Make a new readme.txt.
    8.If you want,upload it to a server.

    You'll get your seperate offical derivative character.It have a seperate folder and it's permanent,but does not make modifications in the original voicebank.

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