NATO admits civilians in military operations manslaughter


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    NATO admits civilians in military operations manslaughter Empty NATO admits civilians in military operations manslaughter

    Post by showstarlight on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:17 pm

    Nangarhar province khogiani head of the regional government,ed hardy clothing said Mohammed Hassan, 5, NATO helicopter last night in a local village on a car to carry out attacks, killing eight civilians.

    He said that eight civilians, a man, was on a flood car will return the remains of victims of family living in the village, on the way face air strikes.

    The same night, U.S. and Afghan forces in Afghanistan in a village near the Xieerzhade areas of joint action, killing 13 people.

    Villagers Zadeh told The Associated Press, the coalition forces surrounded a villager's home. The villagers and their families under threat and take the initiative to the other side opened fire. Xieerzhade insisted ed hardy bags that the Taliban is not a member of the family.

    5 Afghan presidential palace said in a statement, President Hamid Karzai ordered NATO forces to investigate reports of civilians manslaughter.

    "The president now in Iran,he may feel sorry for the civilian casualties occurred ed hardy shoes ," the statement said, "He has ordered relevant departments to immediately implement a broad investigation of the incident."

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