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    Slavik Empty Slavik

    Post by REN Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:51 pm

    Well, I want to introduce you our group (or project, we still don't know how to call it correctly xD) named Slavik.

    A few words about our...err...project?..
    Slavik is a special group of utauloids released in such countries like Russia, Belorussia and the Ukraine. So actually we can't say that we are "a project", we are just a bunch of UTAU maniacs.

    The name of the group\project is a word play:
    - People of these three countries belong to eastern slavs.
    - Keichan made a chorus of six Utauloids (that were released in Russia and the Ukraine) and Chansey called it "the slavic chorus".
    - Slavik is a childish version of the name "Slava", which means "Glory" on russian language.

    I decided to write about us here, cuz I can't do it on wiki, since we don't have any site or blog about Slaviks :S

    And also I want to tell, lets say worldwide, about our utaus, since almost all people began to wonder when they learn that most of our utaus are realesed in russia, and girls are not so active to introduce their utaus to other overseas UTAU fans.

    So, lets start!
    The members of our group\project:
    (currently there are 6 members, five from Russia, one from the Ukraine)
    Iiki Koe
    Slavik Iiki11
    Produced in Russia.
    I gues Iiki doesn't need any introduction since everyone already knows her :D
    Shizune Kotori
    Slavik Kotori10
    Produced in the Ukraine.
    Kotori was one of the first UTAUs created among us.
    Teion Enpa
    Slavik Enpa10
    Produced in Russia.
    She got the most deepest voice among Slaviks
    Moetatsu Wika
    Slavik Wika10
    Produced in Russia.
    Wika got a good quality and nice voice.
    Senne Ruri
    Slavik Ruri10
    Produced in Russia.
    Ruri got a good quality of the sound, cold and charming voice, but she sounds a bit robotic
    Blanc Sho
    Slavik Sho10
    Produced in Russia.
    Actually Sho is still in pogress, her ACT 1 has not a good quality, so currently I'm trying to meet with the creator, so she could record Sho with my microphone
    There is no any song at the moment where you can fully listen to her voice, but you can hear her a little in the Kurutto Mawatte Ikkaiten chorus.
    If you want to get their voicebanks, you can find the links under "Visit them" in Iiki's blog http://www.iikikoe.blogspot.com/

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