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    Post by Ame on Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:40 pm

    Name: Amaya Tsukine (It used to be Amaya Hoshine but, meh.)
    Voicer: Me, but I'm still working on it.
    UTAU Project/Group:???
    WIP or Complete?WIP
    Age and/or Debut Date:Her age is unknown, but she looks like she's 14. Unreleased.
    Weight:100 lbs
    Character Item: A sword that has a lot of colorful stars on it.
    Relationships:Ame Tsukine- "younger" sister
    Rin Kagamine- idol
    Natsume Kisekine-Unknown
    Brief Physical Description:
    Black hair, usually wears a suit(?) She also wears a red tie. She has red shorts & a black/red cape. Her clothes have a lot of stars & moons, a black headband & her hands have a star & moon on it too. Wears a red ribbon & has 2 hair clips.
    Self-centered, annoying, usually rude. She CAN be nice, but that's on one of her good days. XD She is very energetic, and likes to eat.Amaya is also very talkative & stubborn. She can also be a psycho too...
    History/Backstory:Doesn't really have one, but, Amaya is immortal for unknown reasons, so is her sister.
    She can also control people.

    Likes: The rain, night, pyschos, stars, moons & food
    Dislikes: Sane people
    Voicebank Link: None
    Wikia Entry Link: None

    Voice Samples: None

    Character Art:
    Tsukine Amaya Amaya4

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