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    Name: Yukari (last name is unknown)
    Voicer: Keiichi (aka Keichan)
    UTAU Project/Group: Slavik
    WIP or Complete? complete
    Gender: male
    Age and/or Debut Date: age 17, debut date - august, 18
    Height: 176 cm
    Weight: 61 kg
    Character Item: scrissors
    Relationships: Senne Ruri (friend)

    Brief Physical Description:
    Nationality/Race: Japanese
    Hair color: medium blue-green
    Headgear: no headgear
    Eye color: golden
    Earphones: no headphones
    Dress: white shirt, dark-blue pants and black with orange shoes

    Personality: Yukari's main hobby is cosplay. He also gets angry when somebody says that he sounds like a girl.
    History/Backstory: unknown D:

    Voicebank Link: mediafire.com download.php?1brx8td7dh7xc1w
    Wikia Entry Link: http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/Yukari

    Voice Samples

    Character Art

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