Art Request - Alluring Secret -Black Vow-

    Yume Barauta

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    Art Request - Alluring Secret -Black Vow- Empty Art Request - Alluring Secret -Black Vow-

    Post by Yume Barauta on Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:16 am

    Hi. :3
    I have an art request... again. ;u;
    I made Yume and Yoshiya sing "Alluring Secret -Black Vow-", but I need art for it...
    This is the cast of characters:
    Yume Barauta - Angel ((Her concept art, along with Yoshiya:
    Yoshiya Barauta - Mysterious Boy ((See above for concept art))
    Reni Kaeru - Bride in Black ((Her box art:
    Neku Shizune - Angel Man ((You can see what he looks like here:

    If you could do a picture for this song for me, I'll make a song with your UTAU or write fanfiction for you or something. ;//u//;
    Thank you very much in advance to anyone who could do this for me!

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