UTAU Error when importing VSQ/Booting UTAU


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    UTAU Error when importing VSQ/Booting UTAU Empty UTAU Error when importing VSQ/Booting UTAU

    Post by Subarashiki on Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:49 pm

    Except...I've not the slightest idea what it says. All I know is it pops up, lets me click the button, and then won't open the VSQ. :[


    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


    After googling around and browsing, I've a suspicion this is the "Bad Number" [somethingoranother] error I read so much about. Should that be the case, I wanted to mention that my computer is currently set to a Japanese Locale, but I still receive this error upon booting UTAU, and trying to import a VSQ.

    Please help. ;-; I've so many VSQs I want to use that I can't find USTs for..

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