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    Vsq and ust question


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    Vsq and ust question Empty Vsq and ust question

    Post by LilliaDiamond Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:39 pm

    how do you change a vsq to a ust and it work?

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    Vsq and ust question Empty Re: Vsq and ust question

    Post by MariRoseTair Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:50 pm

    To make a Vsq into an ust you first have to import the VSQ into utau. :3

    In order to do that you go to file > import, then next to file name there's a grey selection box, click on it and then select the file type VSQ, then click on the VSQ file you want to import (you can also import midi files this way)

    You'll then see a little box, that's so you can slect a part of the vsq, Such as master track, Vocal. melody, etc. Most VSQ's are like this but I might be wrong.

    Select the one you want then go File > Save as and it'll save as an ust.

    Do be aware however that you'll have to edit the VSQ/ust so that your Utauoild can sing it properly. c:

    I hope that helped.

    Edit: Oh and also next time please post utau-based questions in the utau-help fourm, this is mainly for feeback/questions regarding the forum :3

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