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    Yuugi's and Ami's adventures in the library


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    Yuugi's and Ami's adventures in the library Empty Yuugi's and Ami's adventures in the library

    Post by smeen Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:04 am

    AKA, how I spend my time at school.

    The library was like a library should be. Really, really quiet. Everyone was enjoying their books or homework... Except for one person. He sat next to an older boy, playing Pokémon on his red DS Lite with ear buds in so he didn’t disturb anyone. He was about to catch Lugia, for which he had trained all week, even during classes, when the older boy next to him says: “Yuugi, I’m done. Let’s go home.”
    Yuugi did not approve.
    “So, what are you looking at, Ami-tan?”, Yuugi asked his boyfriend, who was interestingly looking through a huge green book. “It’s about plants.”, Ami-tan answered. “What kind of plants?” “Poisoned plants.” Yuugi blinked a few times. “Why do you want to know about them?” “It can come in handy.” Yuugi shook his head. “I don’t think it can.” Ami-tan looked up from his book. “Look, maybe we get lost in a forest, we need to know which plants are edible.” Yuugi giggled. “Three things Ami-tan. One: I don’t need to eat. Two: I hate camping. Three: I might be more interested in which plants produce decent lubrication.”
    This time, it was Ami-tan who blinked.
    Ami-tan had lost his boyfriend. In a library. Normally, the blonde boy didn’t like to be there, complaining about the quietness and the smell of books, but this time he had run off somewhere and now Ami-tan couldn’t find him anywhere. Until, he decided to think as Yuugi. He walked directly to the multimedia department, and guess what? There he was. “Hey Ami-tan, did you know they had games here too? Maybe the library isn’t that bad...”, Yuugi waved at him, and Ami-tan sighed. “Yuugi, I’m done, we’re going.”
    “What? No!”

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