lol aren't misunderstandings great


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    lol aren't misunderstandings great Empty lol aren't misunderstandings great

    Post by zin on Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:14 pm

    i went to LOKE's author's blog and i see this at the top of the page (after chrome auto translated the page)

    "I started having trouble with overseas?"

    and i was thinking oh unripe doo-doo covered banana wats going on drama?

    turns out its an ad for shipping stuff

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    lol aren't misunderstandings great Empty Re: lol aren't misunderstandings great

    Post by scarfu on Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:02 pm

    Oh man JP English misunderstandings. XD Tai and I know this feeling aaaaall too well XD;

    Like, usually they're just derpy things -- like one time OTL I have learned MY lesson XD; -- I was talking to Otono on twitter about Kumory's UTAU, Darling, and I was too lazy to open up the program I type my JP in, so I went to a picture of her on pixiv and copied the katakana for what I thought was her name (I can't read katakana very well so this worsened the situation XD; I can only do hiragana and some kanji that I use a lot). Yeah it turns out that I copied ローリン instead, which is the pairtag for Roku and Darling. XD; So there was a LOT of confusion. XD We spent like an hour trying to figure out what we were trying to say to each other OTL

    And in more recent events, there was a big misunderstanding between Tai, Haku, Otono and I where he had like... google translated some English tweets Tai and Tsubaki's bot had done and he thought that we like hated him...? So again huge misunderstanding OTL But it cleared up and ended well. \^u^/

    It's good to know that even with so many screw ups and misunderstandings that the UTAU community can still be so tightly knit, even with language barriers XDD <3

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