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    [Utaloid] Rukasu  Empty [Utaloid] Rukasu

    Post by TonyYonneFan on Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:56 pm

    I made an utauloid in less than 30 min >:D He sounds awesome! Even with the crappy oto i made *epic smiley face*
    His design is based of Defuo's (male defoko)

    Name: Rukasu
    Age: 12
    Signature song: Miku Miku ni shite ageru
    Sample: http://twaud.io/JzY
    Rukasu is the Gumi part
    Group: Utaloid (Utauloids based on Uta/Defoko/Defuo)
    Friends,cousins,etc.: Yuki Kaai(cousin) Haku Yowane (friend) Neru Akita (friend) Miku(cousin)

    Rukasu's aunt (defoko) married Mikua Hatsune (Miku's father) and had kids. There kids we Yuki and Miku. Defoko was Defuo's sibling. (Hope that cleared up the cousin thing ThePianoChan) When Rukasu was born he hummed "Miku Miku ni shite ageru~"

    Canceled along with all my other utaus.

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    [Utaloid] Rukasu  Empty Re: [Utaloid] Rukasu

    Post by ThePianoChan on Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:15 pm

    Do you have a back story as to how Miku AND Kaai yuki are her cousins? It makes no sense if you don't have a background story to it.

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