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    This android of mine...


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    This android of mine... Empty This android of mine...

    Post by smeen Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:56 am

    So... I was bored at school and wrote a small piece. I'll continue it later I guess.

    It contains Mai Furuu/Fuurutone (I need to learn how to write her name), Ami-tan (name too long to write here) and a certain android (I wonder who...)


    “Ok, what the hell is this.” Mai pointed to the thing in the blanket. Ami looked at it. “An android.”
    “Did you buy it?”
    “Because the old man wanted to get rid of it.”
    Mai looked at the bundle of iron for a while. “He wanted to get rid of it?” Ami nodded, not looking up from his book. “He looked quite happy I bought it. He even gave me these books about maintenance and stuff.” Mai frowned, then grabbed the book. “Survival guide to model KC-X1? What’s that, the title?” Ami nodded, and Mai gave him back the book. “I don’t like the sound of it...” Ami shrugged. “How do you put it on then?”
    “Solar energy, it’s charging right now. The battery completely dried out.”
    Mai glared at the android. Ami looked at her. “Ah, whatever, you do what you like.” Ami smiled and got back to the Survival Guide. Mai walked out of the room. The android just sat there.

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