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    Can someone help smeen with her Japanese?


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    Can someone help smeen with her Japanese? Empty Can someone help smeen with her Japanese?

    Post by smeen Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:27 am

    I dunno where to post this, because I don't need help in like, writing, music or voices, but I need help in checking my translation. I'm not fluent in Japanese, so...

    Anybody here feels like double-checking for me?


    Well, the song is built out of the talk-parts of the fortune-teller, and then three ghost-stories, all sung by a different UTAU. The talk-parts however, I imagined them to be said by ME. (Shuddup) And I only translates those parts for now since I did not finished the stories yet.

    Here's what I have for now:

    Between the parts, the three stories will be told. I dunno who to use yet, I'll be killing of a chef though... /GLARES AT MATHIEU

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