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    UTAUloid or Project: Amai Harukaze
    Status: WIP - I await for the act1

    Amai Harukaze - WIP Empty Amai Harukaze - WIP

    Post by Dorel on Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:43 pm

    Name:Amai Harukaze
    Voicer: MycoXSpica (because my mic dont work =.=)
    UTAU Project/Group: Nichiiloids (Lunet Nichiion and Sol Nichiion made by Reathehudgedog)
    WIP or Complete?WIP
    Age and/or Debut Date: 16
    Height: 129cm
    Weight: 57kg
    Character Item: strawberry
    Relationships: Teto Kasane (best friend) Lunet Nichiion (friend) Sol Nichiion (friend) Tei Sukone (afraid of her)

    Brief Physical Description:Hair pastel pink headband with a spring-shaped wings of an angel, blue eyes, a birthmark shaped red musical note
    Personality: A girl naive, clumsy, sweet, humble and very protective.
    worries easily than others, afraid of hurting others people, they rarely think to herself, and often also "exploited" because of her innate goodness too.
    she falls in love very easily, but when it happens is fixed with whom he likes and wants / loves him only.
    History/Backstory:She was born to a mother angel (not human) and a human father, although he was forbidden to love human beings, her mother could not resist the love, and the two had a daughter half angel and half human (the human form and personality angel )
    He had many disappointments in her life, he saw his mother disappear without notice, leaving her alone with her father that made her grow in a world where evil does not exist.
    Kasane Teto knew as a child, loved to sing and the two spent their childhood in happiness and quarrels among themselves.
    They tried to enter the vocaloid but were not taken, and became the UTAUloids,
    Lunet met shortly after and Sol, which had suffered two Utau friendship, and knew well Sukone Tei, which has scared

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