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    Kitsu, AU-03 Empty Kitsu, AU-03

    Post by Tsumanne on Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:12 am

    Name: Kitsu (no last name) 【キツ】

    Voicer: hideki782@Youtube (aka Tsumanne)

    UTAU Project/Group: AU-loids

    WIP or Complete? Maybe complete.

    Gender: Female

    Age and/or Debut Date: 17-18yo, 13 Nov. 2009

    Height: 175cm

    Weight: "Light as a feather"

    Character Item: Limes/stick with a leaf on the end

    Relationships: Kii Nane, Fuyu Komorika, Lilith Namika, Viai Emine (friends/fellow AU-loids)

    Brief Physical Description: Sorta tall. Her eyes are sometimes half-open.

    Personality: Laid-back, carefree, sometimes acts childish

    History/Backstory: Kitsu lives in Tsumanne's computer. Kitsu knows about Kii's wish to travel to the "real world" to meet their "mother". She encourages Kii to follow that dream, mainly because Kitsu secretly wants to know what Tsumanne sounds like.

    Voicebank ?hgu2jmbtmji

    Wikia Entry Link:

    Voice Samples: ACT1 , ACT2

    Character Art: (Updated design)

    Genderbend: - Kizu, g+20. Kizu is Kitsu's twin brother, who is hopeless at cooking and is a bit of a tsundere. In his spare time, Kizu likes to read books of a romantic nature.

    - Kichu, g-8. A younger, 14 year old version of Kitsu.

    Any questions?

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