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    Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus!


    Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus! Empty Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus!

    Post by Guest Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:38 am

    Already 17 participants! I can go further if you still want to participate ;D

    The video tells you more.

    The ones who would like to participate are;

    OkitaLean - Yume
    Fullmetalfumfum - Yagi
    Purufufuru - ?
    Yoyopines - Yoyosama
    ElfenLLied - Tuwai
    WoudaInDisguise - Moriko (VCV)
    SheridanStarWestWood - Romeo
    RakuenIvy - Eri
    Katfura - Shura
    Karasx3 - Neku
    lilyisgoodontoast - Shima
    QuietButHappy - Aya
    StateOfDep - Shizu
    SadisticLilBrother - Shou
    MiniMochis - Kiyone
    kyaami - Tomi
    ouirichan - Chiyuki
    SirYanyu - Miss Saiya
    ThisUsernameIzTaken - Harley


    The song we'll be singing is 'Pray' from Tommy Heavenly6.

    If you'd like to participate, then that would be great!

    There is no deadline yet! I hope you like it ^^


    If you don't understand the video, then I'll tell it again;

    I want to make a chorus of UTAU users with their UTAU. I'm going to let their UTAU sing 'Pray'. The UST is made by Fullmetalfumfum, and I'll be mixing.

    The only thing what the participants have to do is sing the song 'Pray'. They are allowed to use programs to make them sound good. They are allowed to use Autotune, Melodyne and whatever program exists. They can't use UTAU. And they need to tell me which of their UTAUs need to participate in this chorus. If they have more than 2 UTAUs, they can only choose ONE!

    So it will be 10 users, and 10 UTAUs.
    (Edit; More are allowed ^^)

    You can make effects in your recordings, that would be great too.

    So... I hope you would like it!

    And if you don't want to sing with us, you can also try and help us. Or maybe if you participate, you can still help me and Fum with the project!

    Fum is going to upload the video,
    I'll do the mixing...

    Maybe someone wants to make the video? I could do it too. But...

    If you have any questions, you can ask. But my answers will be in bad English. Cause when it comes to serious work, I'll fail!

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    Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus! Empty Re: Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus!

    Post by Yanyu Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:22 pm

    I love this song like hell and I'm glad I'm aloud to sing too~! I'll do my best! *is SirYanyu and stating the obvious*
    "Saiya? D8" - LOL I'm not surprised that you may be confused, I haven't done anything on youtube with her and she hasn't been out long XD *is a lazy and bad mother* Her wiki is here

    Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus! Empty Re: Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus!

    Post by Guest Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:34 am

    Bwaha XD Yeah~ I got a bit confused >w<

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    Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus! Empty Re: Gintama 'Pray' User w/UTAU chorus!

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