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    Any Voice Donors?


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     Any Voice Donors? Empty Any Voice Donors?

    Post by CrazyNova Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:43 am

    (Sorry if this dosen't go here)
    I've been searching for voice donors for a while... I need about 8 voices, they are for: Naurie Aeria; a strong normal female voice.
    Laurie; a light female voice.
    Mia; a mature female voice.
    Fuscia; any female voice is fine.
    Koa Mari Seitekine; any kind of male voice.
    Max Claire; Any voice at all is fine, as long as it's clear.
    Kariisa Yurene; a cute voice.
    Shimarisu Hentekone; a VERY high pitch voice will do.

    Most of them have designs, but I didn't get to drawing them yet. Max's design will depend on his/her voice. I'm still working on Koa's design. If you can give me a voicebank could you tell me how long it'd take you to finish it? I'd like to how long I should wait before getting worried. Thanks if you can help! Smile

    EDIT: Just earlier today I recorded a voice for Koa, so if no one voices him, that will become his for-sure voice. I might also record for Shimarisu because she can be pitched(but much higher) just like Koa. XD

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