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    【KANBINE HAYARI】 Song of the Eared Robot 【甘美音流行】


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      【KANBINE HAYARI】 Song of the Eared Robot 【甘美音流行】   Empty 【KANBINE HAYARI】 Song of the Eared Robot 【甘美音流行】

    Post by scarfu Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:02 am

    From Youtube~:


    So this mp3 is actually from the POPLOID website (http://www.poploids.zzl.org/), and Hayari has actually covered this song before -- in fact, it was her very first song, her release song. =w= However, it was... reaaaaaaaaally bad XD; The art was like ... holy poopie I can't even believe it. XDDDD And then her ACT1 was a total disaster...

    And for the record, this is EASILY my favorite song ever like ever. XD I love the poopie out of this song I can't even. And so naturally I found it incredibly ridiculous that Hayari had no cover of it on youtube anymore. =A=

    So I drew a picture for the mp3 on the website. =w= She's never actually sung the full version of this song, but damn that ust is in like x10000 parts and I do NOT have the energy for that. XD;

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      【KANBINE HAYARI】 Song of the Eared Robot 【甘美音流行】   Empty Re: 【KANBINE HAYARI】 Song of the Eared Robot 【甘美音流行】

    Post by hello8bit Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:13 am

    She has such a nice voice scarfu~ No critiques this time around, I think she pulled this off quite well. non/

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