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    LiveStream? Empty LiveStream?

    Post by KaneYuki Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:28 am

    I wanna play a game, but with you all :D
    Since I have Livestream, a few emulators and a controler, I figured it's be fun~
    It would be pretty Interactive as I would have the chat up and running~ You all could help me figure out where to go or help me with riddles and such.
    I've thought about doing this with a BIG game such as Morrowind, but I don't know how interested people would be either way :p So...
    I have an Nintendo 64 emulator, a play station emulator (that lags like a doggy-woggie-poo) and a Gameboy advance. I also THINK I have a DS, but I haven't tried that out >w>
    -My Oblivion was uninstalled, and I can't re-install it until I get my own laptop-
    So, if you would like to join me... Ummmm... help me set a time and date that would work -Is in Oregon so keep that in mind- and then help me pick a game :p
    I'm thinking an Animal Crossing game, but the decision is yours~

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