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    UTAU keeps freezing -every- time!


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    UTAU keeps freezing -every- time! Empty UTAU keeps freezing -every- time!

    Post by Subarashiki Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:55 am

    So I have ChasingFirefly's Campanella UST. I use the "la la la" track to often test the sound of a new voicebank.

    So I tried with this new voice. He worked a while back, but now he wouldn't play. So I tried on Reim, who is more complete and I know works. No sound on hers either.

    So I messed a bit with the recorded "ra.wav" for the newer UTAU, and also removed the oto.ini that was in his folder. I am not sure who's it was because I haven't made him one yet.

    So I try to make him sing it again. Now UTAU crashes -every- time I try to make him sing it. I copied Reim's oto.ini over to his folder for the sake of having one to see if that would fix it- nope! It still freezes!

    It doesn't freeze on Reim, but her sound still doesn't play on that one. I don't understand why. [I tried typing "ra" in both hiragana and romaji to see if that was a conflict. No sound on either].

    So I redownloaded the UST. It still does all of these things.

    Help please. =[

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