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    Problem with VCV


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    Problem with VCV Empty Problem with VCV

    Post by tadashiwa Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:31 am

    When I work with Triphones voicebanks, I am having troubles with the automatic crossfade (P2P3), because all of the songs I try to do this, UTAU gives me an error message saying:
    "Unexpected Error
    And all the notes after an specific note desappear.
    Well, I think it says something about overflowing, but what is overflow, and can it be fixed, if it can, how is this possible?

    Because of this problem it is very boresome and tiresome to make a song with a triphonic VB.

    Oh, another problem is with STP configuration, because my UTAU crashes when it is used with VCV, so I simply erase it to make it work, once again, is possible to fix this too?

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