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    Okashine Kiki Empty Okashine Kiki

    Post by Kitkaloid on Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:52 am

    Name: Kiki Okashine
    Okashine Kiki DESUTAU_01_by_Kitkaloid

    Voicer: Kitkaloid
    UTAU Project/Group: DESUTAU
    WIP or Complete?: WIP
    Gender: Female
    Age and/or Debut Date: 14 (Birthday will be set on release date)
    Height: 160 cm
    Weight: ??
    Character Item: Watermelon
    Relationships: Ruriko Hanene(DESUTAU03), Liam Okashine(DESUTAU02), Inai Dankone(DESUTAU04).

    Brief Physical Description:
    Personality: Happy, full of energy, caring, easily annoyed, confident most of the time.
    History/Backstory: Used to live in a rich family when she was human. She used her birthday money to get an "UTAU-fix". Parents got mad and threw her out.

    Voicebank Link: Not released
    Wikia Entry Link: Not entered

    Voice Samples (Failed):


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    Okashine Kiki Empty Re: Okashine Kiki

    Post by Yanyu on Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:32 pm

    S-she sounds so pretty! (Is there a mp3 for that song?! I fell in love with it!) Her sample doesn't fail at all! (pppft when she is released I want to download her~ ...but *sniffles* what chance does she have of her voice bank being in romaji? : ^ : ) Congratz~ She's really nice sounding! (DO WANT) Cool

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