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    TC's Art Request Thread

    Trainer Conchita
    Trainer Conchita

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    TC's Art Request Thread Empty TC's Art Request Thread

    Post by Trainer Conchita Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:48 am

    Hi~, I need...arts. Razz

    Specifically, art for PV backgrounds. You don't have to be OMG EXACT to the PV, but give a good idea of what the song is.

    I can attempt to draw your UTAUloid, download your UTAUloid and use it for a cover or original song (once I get Japanese lyrics for them), or other services like OTOing an un-OTO'd bank or something.

    Art samples: (I'll draw your UTAUloid in black and white or colored; you'll be able to tell, because colored pics take a LONG time, at least computer-wise.)
    Full-body B/W
    Full-body B/W
    Waist-Up shot B/W
    Mock comic page B/W
    Fullbody/Headshot computer-colored
    Another fullbody/headshot computer-colored
    And yet another fullbody/headshot computer-colored
    And finally, a full-body kneeling crayon-colored

    Now that we've got my credentials samples out of the way...

    Art I need (I'll update the list as I get more USTs/UTAUloids, don't worry. I also include their full names, if any, and they can either be found on UTAU Wiki or YouTube or DA):
    Kasui Kamene/Trem - Magnet
    Waizu Baka - Melody.exe (Waizu doesn't have a design put up yet, but creative freedom is welcome! I do have a description for a basic appearance in the Wiki)


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