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    Yet another drizzly rain 【KANBINE HAYARI】


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    Yet another drizzly rain 【KANBINE HAYARI】  Empty Yet another drizzly rain 【KANBINE HAYARI】

    Post by scarfu Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:56 pm

    From Youtube:

    Alright another simple song and cover, I've been liking simple things a lot more lately. XD I've been wanting to do this song for like EVER though so finally... orz It's Patchouli's themesong by COOL&CREATE I think? Holy unripe doo-doo covered banana the lyrics are the saddest thing ;_; Patchouli is my third Touhou wife, my second one being Meiling and my first one being Sanae... *u*

    Anyway so yeah =u= Keeping this one private for a little while too. I've decided that I'm keeping all of my usts private for a week kind of as a warning to you guys. I realize that it's probably selfish of me, but when I release usts, I WANT feedback, you know? All I ask is that if you download it, you drop a line on the original video telling me good job, telling me thank you, telling me what I could have done better -- if I don't get feedback, I don't feel like making usts anymore, you know? If I don't feel like I'm doing a good job, I'll lose the inspiration to do it -- and so if you guys want me to keep making usts, all I ask is that you go out of your way to leave me a nice little note on the original video letting me know that you appreciate it. I don't think that's too much to ask orz;;

    I can't really stop the drama portion of what had been going on due to the people involved not being mature enough to sit down and act like adults, so I'll just take the advice of many and just do my best to ignore it. =x=b

    So yeah in a week I'll make all of my old usts, along with this one and the Higurashi one I just did public again.

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    Yet another drizzly rain 【KANBINE HAYARI】  Empty Re: Yet another drizzly rain 【KANBINE HAYARI】

    Post by fukokun Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:26 pm

    Beautiful work! Great job, and Patchouli is great. If she were real, I think she'd thank you for doing justice for a theme remix! ^^

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